Oct - 27 2022

Noon-1PM Today Show! I have a 2012 Toyota Prius– Some Notes. Infernal Combustion- Hybrid- plug in Hybrid – All EV! Ventura os mac 13.0 European Trip


Jul - 28 2022

Classical guitar video game cover! Intro for Mario Bros Video Game on Classical Guitar   Google Gsuite/Workspace Free Edition Ending Aug 01 2022– More Info Instagram, FB throttling feed- 15% going to 30% “Interest” Videos despite user dislike ad revenues down.. LibreOffice 7.3+ for those who Hate Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint clone.. OpenOffice? StarOffice? we […]


Jun - 30 2022

Today’s Show follows the show of a week ago about automobile economy Sorry, I lost the Email from a listener talking about ‘costing’ her Hybrid for max Fuel Efficiency Open Windows Create Drag. A/C can add 10-20% for fuel consumption. Get Tire Pressures Right. Take off unneeded roof racks. “Drag is the square of speed” […]


Apr - 28 2022

Good Morning! Today’s Show: Apple Repair Program- Not as Cool as it at first seems! As for Self Service Repair.. HmmM! Harks back to earlier thinking by ‘the other Steve than Jobs’- Wozniak- about ‘Opnness’ Elon Musk Buys & privatizes Twitter– & what exactly are Freedom of Speech and facts? Some Things about my Dental […]


Mar - 28 2022

Show of last week Mar 24 was handled as Garden Forum with Robyn Martin as neither of us Glen nor Paule could get it together in time! THANKS Robyn! On the Road in beutiful Merida Yucatán And busy with a tiny mobile studio: iPhone 10 XS and a MacBook Pro M1 both with latest operating […]


Feb - 13 2022

Posts from 2006 Recovered! Here NOW! hacked? Google: “Hacked By SA3D HaCk3D” Wherever is DDHART our Former Blogger? Vanished Suddenly, Mac 2019: https://twitter.com/ddhart Please anyone know what happened to him? : ( LOTS of Cool Online Tools! Also, a great domain name. https://tinywow.com Woes with apple’s “AirTags” misused for tracking people Windows 10/11 Please, Act […]

27-Jan 2022

Jan - 24 2022

Allright! WIFI 6– what’s that and do we care? This from Intel. No you cannot ‘upgrade’ your existing thing with new software : ). Also– No Rush Yet- this is about the Future. Compatible, basically with its predecessors, mind you. A little about the drawbacks and benefits of industry collaborations like this one Mesh Networking with […]