Dec - 22 2022

Shouts Out to Wobs! Hello folks, Last Show of 2022! AT: 12:06PM Dec-22-2022 Solstice was at 1:47 PM on Dec 21 (yesterday) Pacific Time Confusingly, the perihelion when Sun is closes to Earth in general is about 2 weeks later: Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 8:17 am PST Even Worse– the ‘Dead of Winter’- the coldest time- Is […]


Oct - 27 2022

Noon-1PM Today Show! I have a 2012 Toyota Prius– Some Notes. Infernal Combustion- Hybrid- plug in Hybrid – All EV! Ventura os mac 13.0 European Trip


Jul - 28 2022

Classical guitar video game cover! Intro for Mario Bros Video Game on Classical Guitar   Google Gsuite/Workspace Free Edition Ending Aug 01 2022– More Info Instagram, FB throttling feed- 15% going to 30% “Interest” Videos despite user dislike ad revenues down.. LibreOffice 7.3+ for those who Hate Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint clone.. OpenOffice? StarOffice? we […]


Jun - 30 2022

Today’s Show follows the show of a week ago about automobile economy Sorry, I lost the Email from a listener talking about ‘costing’ her Hybrid for max Fuel Efficiency Open Windows Create Drag. A/C can add 10-20% for fuel consumption. Get Tire Pressures Right. Take off unneeded roof racks. “Drag is the square of speed” […]


Apr - 28 2022

Good Morning! Today’s Show: Apple Repair Program- Not as Cool as it at first seems! As for Self Service Repair.. HmmM! Harks back to earlier thinking by ‘the other Steve than Jobs’- Wozniak- about ‘Opnness’ Elon Musk Buys & privatizes Twitter– & what exactly are Freedom of Speech and facts? Some Things about my Dental […]

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