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Future topics – train enginerring that makes us  feel we are upright and g-force etc.
Saxon Fairoaks

you can also use a flash drive to offload file that are not necessary for use.
looking for old time machine files put backup from old machine don’t restore just seach backupsdb look for dates, latest backup
windows 10 file history on PC’s and back up profile to an external device
Alan use of digital love letters, hugs, feeling closeness
new vaccines born out of the covid pandemic?
Movie She
Temple Grandon rubber hugging machine instead of a human hug because of a medical/physical issue
Glowmar explorer mid 1970’s magnaneze modules but used to recover soviet submarine
Paule iphone photos 2 types of file formats heic not compatible with non apple devices.  to solve it double click iphone photo and save as jpeg
hevc(265) control click and convert save as mp4 mo4 file(264)
Doreen android use on 4g


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