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Glenn, Mikail Graham & Craig Burgess of Telestream were in the studio. Paul is hiking on some glacier in Alaska.

The guys rambled a lot on this show so the notes may be more fragmented than usual.


Adrianna from the KVMR membership department asked listeners for a donation of a Mac with a fast enough processor to run all of the new Adobe software. This is for an intern who will come in, starting Jan 2013, to do some design work. Mikail said it should be capable of running at least the Snow Leopard operating system and Abobe CS6 or later <I think that's the Creative Suit>, have 4 gig of RAM (1 gig would be appreciated) and have at minimum a Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
<Adrianna was on the 7-25-12 show, too. See those notes for other details>
Contact Adrianna here: membership at kvmr dot org or call (530) 265-9073 ext. 203

The folks at Telestream are big Adobe fans. They just upgraded to Adobe's creative cloud at $30 per month for the 1st year, $50 per month afterwards. In house, Telestream uses both PC & Mac machines.

Glenn encouraged listeners to become KVMR members.

Glenn thanked Craig for a donation of Telestream's software called Screen-Flow to KVMR.
– With Screen-Flow "You can record your screen, record comments and record your own video simultaneously" and then do post-editing
– Currently, it's for the Mac only. They're thinking of porting it to the PC.
– There's a demo you can download here.
– Mikail has tried it and likes it.

One of the first thing Mikail installs on his client's Macs (even old Macs) is Flip For Mac. It's another Telestream product, it's is free but with an upgrade you get more features. It facilitates the viewing of videos from the PC world, which a Mac would ordinarily have trouble with. It's available "all over the web" and at the Telestream site.

Telestream has just come out with a new product called Flip Player which is similar to VLC <Videolan>. <Craig gave no further details>Glenn asked if it's for the iPad or iPhone. Craig said it's only for the desktop Mac. Mikail noted that playing Flash video on these devices is problematic. To get around the problem, he's used a browser that supports that Flash: Skyfire or Skyfox "or whatever it called". He also said Flash for mobile devices is falling out of favor and HTML5 will take its place.

Glenn said he got a text <txt> message from Paul this morning from his remote location. Mikail marveled at the advances in communications, noting he once participated in a Zentech show using Skype while he was in Crete and had no problems with the connection

Mikail said that in a few weeks there'll be a Zentech show about new Apple products. Rumors have the iPhone 5 coming out on Sep 12, the 7" iPad Mini in Oct. for $299, the iPod Touch and Nano are being updated and the 30-pin dock connector is going to become an 8 or 9-pin connector.

Craig brought 2 Android devices with him: a Motorola Droid Bionic phone and a Motorola Xoom tablet. He said the Xoom is fairly heavy and is hard to hold with one hand.

Mikail mentioned the recent Apple v. Samsung trial regarding patent claims. He said the products may look similar but they are quite different internally and their use. He also noted that Sumsung makes a lot of components for Apple hardware.
<Here are a couple of articles of interest…
A jury has awarded Apple over $1 billion after finding that Samsung infringed upon its patents for mobile devices
A Verdict That Alters an Industry>

Glenn suggested a future show with Craig talking about some Android products, as a counterbalance to talk about Apple products that often occurs on this show.

Glenn read the disclaimer:
The views and opinions expressed on this show are those of the speakers only and not necessarily those of KVMR, its board, management, staff or contributors.

Bernda Horton of Hware called in to say she has been using Screen-Flow as an editor for a series of interviews. "It is phenomenal". She records Skype interviews and uses Screen-Flow to capture and edit the sessions, eventually uploading the results to Youtube.

Nikail said he MIGHT put the podcast of this show on the KVMR site.
<Check for it here. You can find some previous shows there as well.>

Craig said WireCast, another product of Telestream, does live streaming similar to what you see at
– It's for both the PC & Mac.
– Using it, you can take a MacBook Air and hook a HD camera to it stream out live video. It's basically like a "live switcher"
– You can WireCast to Ustream & JustinTV, for instance. There's a list of others that Telestream partners with.

Mikail railed against HP computers saying they are made to last only 2 years. He said the Apple computers are a better quality and you can get extended warranty with AppleCare. <See the disclaimer above>

Craig was disappointed with Steve Jobs <Apple> in the 1990's because it was hard to find the software he wanted to use on the Mac. He lamented that the Mac was so tightly controlled by Apple that it discouraged software development. Mikail added, "Apple, now more than ever, is a closed ecosystem".

Mikail said Window 7 is great compared to Vista. But having tried Windows 8, he doesn't understand it. The same goes for Chrome OS.

Last November Glenn bought a Magic Jack <as a home phone service> and was happy with it until a few weeks ago when it stopped working. He found out you can't talk with the company by phone, but only use online chat with customer service. He was passed from one service rep to another and, in the end, decided to go to another service: NetTalk, which Paul uses. He got the duo wi-fi model for $65 including shipping and there was no charge for porting his phone number. Craig uses Ooma for his VOIP service. US & Canada calls are free and you get 1000 minutes per month for international calls.

Earlier, Katie sent in an email question about connecting her XP computer to a router. And, without explaining the question, Glenn said she should continue using a wired <Ethernet> connection even though the router is capable of doing wireless. He said, disable the wireless connection <to prevent conflict> by going Start -> Control Panel -> Network connections <I think it's Network and Internet Connections>. There you'll see the options to change both types of connections. He noted that most desktop machines don't come with built-in wireless though Dell did sell some wireless units for a while. You can get a USB device to bring wireless capability to the desktop.

Mikail said he picked up a case for $2.99 <for his iPhone> that can act as a stand to keep the iPhone upright.

Craig mentioned a solution for tangled earbud cords called Zipper Buds, or something like that. They have a zipper that's integrated into the wires. You only unzip as much cord as you need.

Paul sent a text <txt> message from the glacier saying "hi" and that the cell phone service there is erratic.

Craig gave a bit of history about Telestream. Dan Castle, president of the Grass Valley Group, and some others broke away in 1998 to start Telestream. Their 1st product is ClipMail, which is still being used today. ClipMail lets you to take a video file and FTP it to another ClipMail account.

Melody called to compliment the guys on their voices. This was in response to Glenn having said Paul has an interesting British accent. She said she likes to listen to the voices even if she doesn't understand what's being said. Glenn said people sometimes tell him they enjoy the show without understanding the content.

Glenn expects Paul to be back on the show Sep 12 and most likely Mikail will join them to talk about the rumored Apple products which may debut on that date.

Craig mentioned the EU Cookie Directive, which became effective in June. It has to do with web privacy and tracking. All of the major browsers now have a do-not-track feature.

Ross call to ask the guys what sites they use to keep up on tech news. He currently uses Mac Nexus. Craig said he uses the news aggregators Flipboard & Pulse. Mikail uses Pulse,
<Here's an article to get you started…
Pulse vs. Flipboard: Which will win, subscriptions or ads? >

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