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ZenTech show notes August 14, 2006
Our first caller told the story of the man who found no sunshine in his house. He called the neighbor about this, who said that there was however sunshine int the garden and that perhaps the house should therefore be relocated there. We are off to a super start!

5 mile Wireless Radio Internet Brige  notes: THANKS Bill from far away Vacaville (FM radio 89.5 at 100 miles out!). Thsi would allow you for example, to share your Internet connection with a neighbor so long as they are in sight.
Listner from Alta, about 14 miles from Colfax (?) with a question about about a 10-year agreement to sign to carry a relay on a tree on his property. Glenn suggested studying Easements, Paul suggested consulting a lawyer not a tech show as a lot can change in a few years, such as when selling the property!

Vacaville Caller again:
When dialed up to the internet there is a sound interfering with phone calls made on another phone line
Caller does NOT have a Cordless Phone (these opearate at similar frequencies to wireless networks and can get interferance)
Paul suggested the house phone wires were picking up the signals, probably from unbalanced wiring (where one wire of a  pair somehow has gotten longer)
Dennis B. of KVMR suggested AFTER the show that this interferance can come via cell phones-
especially with a weak signal because the cell phone must maximize its gain to reach the tower.
A very characteristic set of 5-6 bursts of about 100Hz at about 3 times a second ends after a few seconds. It's NOT continuous, and often happens right before a call comes in! Memorex 2gig usb flash dirve $29.95 plus free shipping !! ftp problems from last week and this week too
Isp gives you an ip address … use reverse lookup to see who it belongs to

  1. to check your ip address
  2. MAC Terminal or Windows cmd promt: "nslookup"
  3. Paste IP address found above. should get NO error but rather, some kind of name for the ip, usually referring to you Internet Provider.
  4. If this gives an Error, then FTP may be hindered by the remote server refusing connections as you cannot properly 'identify'eho your IP is. Problem is often intermittent,

use nslookup in the command area and if it tells you that your provider is there then ftp should work, if it can’t find your provider then try again

Thanks, Bruce Doan for:
used/off-lease/refurbished  laptops from Nevada how to setup thunderbird to send mail when clicking on a weblink

These are BASIC settings. More reliable is so called SMTPAUTH settings. More To Follow? 

dvd shrink. A program to decode and compress DVDs from 9+ GB disks to 4.x+GB DVD Drives.
Basically, it often fails. Ideally, use NERO plus NeroVision Express and "Recode". (transcode, or convert resolutions and compression)

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