April 21 2008

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Glenn's co-host today is Adam of Smarter Broadband, a wireless provider in the foothills

A caller has the illustration program Freehand that doesn't run on newer Macs.
He wants to know how to run Mac emulator on Windows side of the Mac to emulate an old Mac OS in order to run Freehand.
Try the program called Basilisk
sheepshaver Mac emulator, made obsolete by Basilisk

A caller received an email from herself that she didn't send.
"From:" header can easily be faked,
If others in your address book also got the email, then someone may be using your account.

A caller has problem burning music from local files.
Try replacing the CD/DVD burner possibly with an external one or just adding a second drive.
Check if you currently have an IDE or SATA drive to know which type to buy.
If adding a second drive internally you may need to set one to master & the other to slave.

Caller with AVG anti-virus keeps getting an error message on boot up telling her to restart the machine.
Keep your machine updated. Run Internet Explorer, under tools, click Windows Update.
Click on the AVG icon in the taskbar and see if any items need updating.

A Mac user wants to know how to record radio shows.
Garage Band comes with most newer Macs.
Wiretap Pro is inexpensive and v1.3.2 is available as a demo at download.com
Some stations have archives of shows; look around on their sites.

Caller wants to know how to tell if the audio coming from the computer analog or digital?
Sound cards have analog outputs but different brands have different quality.
Some sound cards also have digital outputs.
RCA or 1/8" miniplugs are almost always analog.
If you use the 1/8" miniplug as output to your stereo be sure to turn down the volume on the computer.

A caller has a problem with occasional noise while playing a DVD on Acer laptop.
Put the DVD into the holder carefully.
The drive may be bad.
Run a cleaning disk thru it.
Other programs may be using up cpu cycles; shut them down.
Try different player software.
Reinstall the CODEC and/or the player software.

Glenn spotted a clone of an iphone at $112 to $175, coming soon.

WiFi speed can be affected by signal strength because packets may be dropped if the signal is weak.
A better wifi card may improve reception.
An antenna extension may be available for your unit.



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