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5th & Last Wednesday of this month, April. — A Show!
Last week was Earth Day on Wednesday so our show was superseded.
Glenn & Paul ‘Under Wraps At Home’ will call Buzz in the KVMR studios!

BRAVE Web Browser, VPNs and DuckDuckGo.Com— and- WOW:! DNS server:
(There is IP number LOWER number on the vast Address Space of the Internet but its a bit harder to recall : ))
What’s their Point exactly?!
Obfuscation! I like BRAVE as it can deter most kinds of sneakery AND has Built-In optional TOR Anonymous Browsing…
Brave is based on CHROMIUM, the open-source projects that gave you Chrome,
with which it’s compatible with Plugins, etc, and, surprisingly, the ever horrible Microsoft EDGE present in Windows 10…

“ZOOM Fatigue” and M.U.D.; Multi-User Dungeon. Need it Be? The unadmitted role of non verbal communication and communication cues..

Home Audio Production using free ¬† Audacity, software, Etc–
and How Good A MIC do you Need? Buzz
Above all–
How do you at least imitate the baffling and deadening required to focus on what is SUPPOSED to be recorded?
I often have to listen back critically as one’s perceptions tends to block out extraneous reverb and collateral noise |
(Fans, birds, traffic… you name it..!!!) Try recording Silence at full volume– Surprise!
Is AGC (Automatic Gain Control) a Good Idea  or not??

Windows 10 “2004” (Millennial Year: 20, Month: 04, Thanks a lot Microsoft!) should be out Shortly to supersede “1909”
(you guess the release date of that!). These appera about ever 6 months

Are you an Early Adopter- Or a Johhny Come Lately?
You can DELAY all
Updates as there have in fact been some Troubling Ones!

What exactly is CLOUDFLARE and what should I care if I notice it when accessing a Website?
Hint: 10% of the world’s Internet traffic goes through their servers– yours can, too.

Blackmail Email with an old Password of yours in the Sunject: Line– Check Why: “You Have Been Pwned” (Correct Spelling!)


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