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Possible Zoom Meeting:

Chrome/Windows 10 Video/MIC Permissions..
Test em: https://www.onlinemictest.com/webcam-test/
YOur equipment is unlikely to be able to do more thatn one app at a time accessing Camera, MIC.

Reset Repeated Advertising for the likes of OhmConnect

Amazon Reenlistment Fraud of things like bogus 1TB Flash Drives for $19
Bad Reviews? vendor shuts down- Opens as NEW vendor == No Bad Reviews!
“Too Good To Be True” is not necessarily true, but in THIS case…

“Brand Named” is Not– Amazon Don’t Care!

Amazon and others Money Laundering expensive “McGuffin” Items

More On Zoom- Hiring FaceBook Security Exec, Now Has waiting Room & Needs Password

Is “Recue Data Service” Worth it even at $14 at Purchase Time? Likely: NOT
Insurance companies are in the business of having you NOT claim, just remember.

Got Old Floppy Disks?- Not all Hope is Lost. with a USB Driverless floppy drive

Trickier with ZIP Disks….

VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) = WIFI Calling to improve shaky Cell Calls caused by excessive Cell Voice Calls..

Verizon CDMA Ended.. LTE required.

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