Apr 06, 2009

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Additional Notes

Glenn & Paul are in the studio. Mikail called in from Crete.

Fstream is an app for iPhone that allows one to listen to streaming radio.

4-5-9 was Google's 5th birthday.

Google Earth is mentioned. It shows aerial pictures of many locations & allow you to zoom in. Find it at earth.google.com.
There's an app for iPhone that lets you do the same thing.

You can have Google handle email addressed to a domain you own and you don't have to have a gmail account.
The free service; can have mail to your own domain delivered to Google's system. Plus, you can manage your mail at Google. See the link & comment at the top of this page.
To sign up you have to have access to the domain naming system.
Google will verify that you're the owner of the domain and require you to change the MX records (the DNS entries that indicate where the mail is to be delivered).
The standard disclaimer applies.
The views expressed are those of the show's hosts only.

Mikail called in from Crete using the new skype app on the iPhone and a satellite internet connection.
The Skype Out service lets you call an ordinary phone and costs about 1 cent per minute.

There is an unreleased app for the iPhone which allows one to switch a cell phone connection to wi-fi without losing the connection.

A jailbroken version 2.2 iPhone doesn't work with the Skype app. You have to have ver 2.21. See the above link

Tethering (look for "tethering" in the previous show's notes) will officially come with version 3.0 of the iPhone. For jailbroken phones there is a tethering app for $29.95 at Cydia.
Tethering means using the phone to connect your computer to the internet.

The 2G iPhone uses EDGE which is barely fast enough to be useful.

The current iPhone protocol is 802.11h. The new iPhone will use a new processer and 802.11n which is significantly faster, Mikail says.

Mikail says Airport cards in Mac computers built around 2003 and earlier have died. The hardware is no longer supported. One has to upgrade to an Airport Express base station.

If you use Boss Prefs on a jailbroken iPhone, in system preferences you'll find a kill switch that
Apple can use to disable any app you bought and installed. Boss Prefs can be used to disable that kill switch.

There are some indications that future iPhones will be able to do video recording & editing, and have an FM radio.

The new Skype for iPhone only does voice & text, not pictures.

The 3G tethering to the pc (mentioned above) uses wi-fi, not blue tooth.

Mikail says jailbroken iPhones can send video streams with a special app.

A caller asks if Magic Jack (Paul's write-up)has security issues.
– "There are security issues with anything you plug into a computer".
– It's very easy to set up and the quality is quite good.
– $19.95 to purchase and $19.95 per year subscription.
– You need a broadband connection.

There doesn't seem to be a delay in Mikail's audio with his satellite connection; Paul is incredulous.
There should be a delay because of the distance to the geostationary satellites.

Using Skype to call another Skype user is free; Skype Out is cheap but minutes expire.

A listener called in saying he can't receive windows updates.
– Malware is suspected
– It might possibly be a rootkit.
– Some malicous sites may say you need an update to your anti-virus software to get you to click on a link, but then send you malware instead.
– Paul invited the caller to email him & resolve this off air.
Black Light Anti-Rootkit can possibly find the rootkit. Also, see notes from a previous show.
– Back up your files before trying to eliminate malware.
– Passwords may have already been stolen; check your bank account, etc.

Listeners are asked to go to kcra.com & vote for KVMR as the best radio station. You can get the exact link on the kvmr.org page.

A caller with Mac Book Pro followed Mikail's suggestions from the last show regarding fixing disk permissions but keeps getting a warning that some files "will not be repaired".
– Mikail suggests backing up & reinstalling the operating system

Check out Paul's Costa Rica blog tropicaltributes.blogspot.com

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