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Today’s Show follows the show of a week ago about automobile economy
Sorry, I lost the Email from a listener talking about ‘costing’ her Hybrid for max Fuel Efficiency

Open Windows Create Drag.
A/C can add 10-20% for fuel consumption.
Get Tire Pressures Right.
Take off unneeded roof racks.
“Drag is the square of speed” which is where the compromise “55 MPH” came from
Type of Fuel in California makes NO difference (Unless you can find it without ethanol- not going to happen and NOT cheap) efficiency: Public Transport, car pooling.
‘Fuel Additives Boost Mileage’ are ALWAYS bogus.
But Perception Trumps Reality, Right?
Stop n Go Traffic Hell on MPG- IE driving around on the 4th of July : )
Us Old Timers used to use a vacuum gauge on the inlet manifold to demonstrate engine load…

UK price of gas currently $9 a gallon BTW.
Rechargeable Batteries for domestic items
NOT ALL are Created Equal.
Turns out the ENELOOP brand formerly owned by Sanyo, bought out by Panasonic,
are far and away the best kind despite costing up to 50% More.
‘High Internal Resistance’ means they have a long shelf-life without discharging themselves, plus a relatively high capacity and ‘ampacity’. ¬†Great Article on Wikipedia
This brings me to Fake Products on Amazon:
How do you know what you are buying are real ENELOOP batteries and not sub par knock offs? User Comments. Any vendor that has NOT been around for at least 6 months with dozens of comments should be AVOIDED

Further Gripe– I went to buy “Terramycin Antibiotic Ointment” as the prescribed ¬†medication for my cat’s conjunctivitis- this is a common eye inflammation also known as ‘pink eye’ that creates an itchy inflamed periphery between the creature’s eyelid and cornea.

If you look up those 3 words above, all sorts of pet eye products show up that are NOT antibiotic but have used the keywords, and often the word ‘natural’ comes up.

All well and good but a diagnosed condition like this if not properly treated can lead to blindness and at the very least, terrible discomfort.and the opportunity to affect other mammals– and Yes, You.

In one case I found a graphic of a tube of this material where “Terramycin” (A brand name for oxytetracycline) was pixelatated to the point of illegibility —
I can only Guess this is to prevent fraud detection scans by the brand owner from picking it up….
It has ZERO reviews, by the way,.
So these fraudulent vendors jump ship when the bad reviews along the lines of ‘it is not what I asked for and not what it says it is and does not work’ flood in,
(My favorite said: “Label is full of typos”

.. the vendor Ups Stakes and creates a NEW store.
Shame on you Amazon!

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