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Posts from 2006 Recovered! Here NOW!

hacked? Google: “Hacked By SA3D HaCk3D”

Wherever is DDHART our Former Blogger?
Vanished Suddenly, Mac 2019: https://twitter.com/ddhart
Please anyone know what happened to him? : (

LOTS of Cool Online Tools! Also, a great domain name.

Woes with apple’s “AirTags” misused for tracking people

Windows 10/11 Please, Act Like Windows 7 Start Menu- OPENSHELL 
(download the .EXE file from there– GitHub Project)

WordPress- Version 5.9 Issues and UpDraftPlus Security Issues

Car Chip Shortage– What?! Even Internal Combustion Engines now have loads of computer stuff
CAN Bus, electrical servos, inverter actuators, ‘smart’ sensors, etc & Less vacuum and hydraulics,
Next, Hybrid, then, all Full Electric, Chips Permitting..
SPECIAL ISSUES with the otherwise generic systems that center on Arm RISC processors
The most widespread computer you have likely never heard of : )

SOC=System On Chipped SOM=System on Module is the Problem

I just found modern cars can have up to 150 “ECUs” or Electronic Control Units.

Class Action Notifications– Are They Real?! Example:

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