Jul - 07 2024

Star Wars acapella Pinning Tabs in Safari RockYOU2024 vast credentials leak and further Phishing woes Abusing GitHub/CloudFlare And how its done Double-Scamming:  Or Get you Again AFTER you Lose Money with “FBI Helpline” KVMR podcasts and podcast in general AKA: Timeshifted Media from your fave radio station Using Power Outside- GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruption) […]


Jun - 28 2024

Retraoctive Blog : )


Jun - 11 2024

Today Show! A little about Electric  NASCAR WiFi 7 Prices Coming Down and here is WHY WiFI 7 Bluetooth is SO MANY THINGS Repurpose? Refurbish? Re use? GOOGLE LENS is Your Freind! Esp for circuit boards with their Ability to Return AI articles are ‘polluted’ by the likes of spoof sites liek The Onion Asperger-like, […]


May - 28 2024

Hello! We have been asked about the ATT ‘Service ot Last Resort”  Designated for Better or Worse by the FCC/PUC? Alternatives? (Provisional List) Now then PSPS & how Long do Batteries Last?!  (Public Safety Power Shutoffs- Scheduled and Otherwise!) Apparently it’s a legislated 72 hrs BUT YOU need a Battery Backup BUT this will NOT […]


May - 08 2024

Aurora Perspectives– Of Course: Caused many Woes? Cell Companies Fined for sharing data and also Same Companies Fined for Lying Nearly 30 years ago MS DOS 4 was Released and now it’s open Source! Dave’s Garage reviews it– He Wrote Some Of It! ‘Upgrade’  Amazon Fire to Full Android.. The name “Kindle” is Gone. It’s […]

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