Feb - 21 2024

Hello! – Reporting scam spam and dangerous web pages to Goole– IE: dd – wrt dot com – Generative Art crating bizarre words and showing incongruous objects! – Long Pointless Scrolling Pages beginning: “Amber Heard Diagnosed…” as a Hook and – TEN celebrities who keep aardvarks as pets (Number 8 will AMAZE you) – and […]


Feb - 13 2024

Yes! the Zen of Tech && the Tech of Zen! Today’s Show: We talk about Data Broker Apps: This that allow the Internet of Things (Security Cameras, Doorbells) to be reachable from China and thence “Outside” See: MQTT: Message Queue Telemetry Technology Not to be confused with Marketing Data Brokerage WiFI 7- What? More Upgrades […]


Jan - 30 2024

6:00 PM Today! Here are the Guys To-Day! ICE “In Case of Emergency”. On an iPhone you can fill in your Medical ID in the Health app and include who to contact in case of emergency as well as your medical conditions, allergies etc. Your ‘Grab-Bag’ of Internet Recovery after a Disaster- Recovery Text number, […]


Jan - 23 2024

New Show Logo! YEA!~ Turn On- Tune In- Tech Off! We will have some Nice Curated Sound Clips- Inventions- Toys- Tips and Trivia Then you will Call In and Give us a Hard Time!!! Okay! for you PC guys trying to manage your Photos- Try this free Nikon software https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/imaging-software/nx-studio.page Nikon Studio NX- Requires “I” […]

Jan-09-2024 Show #1 of 2024!

Jan - 09 2024

Welcome to 2024! – Ad Based Free Speech: Google sends out AdSense memo which is where you can monetize your site with their various ads: Warning: that a ‘sensitive event’ allows them to ‘change policy’ quickly as their Metrics demand. If they will lose advertisers, they will dump YOU first. Promptly. ___________________________________________ Elon Musk makes […]

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