Sep - 28 2023

Anonymity on the Internet in general. Disposable email addresses, telephone numbers, SMS text numbersA little about virtual private networks The laws about privacy & “your right to be forgotten“


Aug - 31 2023

Future topics – train enginerring that makes us  feel we are upright and g-force etc. Saxon Fairoaks https://www.derlien.com/ you can also use a flash drive to offload file that are not necessary for use. looking for old time machine files put backup from old machine don’t restore just seach backupsdb look for dates, latest backup windows 10 file […]


Jun - 22 2023

Show Today: Selling On Amazon https://myamazonguy.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/@MyAmazonGuy


Jun - 22 2023

Running an Amazon business; Check out Consultants: https://myamazonguy.com/ https://www.youtube.com/@MyAmazonGuy Opensource Remote Desktop from GITHUB http://ww.wrustdesk.com Replaces increasingly onerous http://www.teamviewer.com Researching properly for software solutions like above B-Hyve irrigation System (Buy buy it on Amazon) Little More on AI Killer Item of the Decade– TYPES Definitions of AI Wikipedia TITANIC Fail of TITAN Submersible https://www.flynorse.com/  


Dec - 22 2022

Shouts Out to Wobs! Hello folks, Last Show of 2022! AT: 12:06PM Dec-22-2022 Solstice was at 1:47 PM on Dec 21 (yesterday) Pacific Time Confusingly, the perihelion when Sun is closes to Earth in general is about 2 weeks later: Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 8:17 am PST Even Worse– the ‘Dead of Winter’- the coldest time- Is […]

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