Oct 08 2014

Oct - 08 2014

I missed that Lunar Eclipse!
Tempooral/secular (non-religious) Dates USED to start at Dawn (the beginning of the day) not midnight until 'quite recently'.
Had this been so I and a number of other people may not have confused this!
Older Christian and other religious calenddars notably fixed the start of day as DAWN (light but no sun) and not Sunrise
An effort at standardisation about a hundred years ago counterintuitively fixed Midnight as the cutover from one date to the next date.
No contention then scientifically about exactly how much light counts ad dawn (Can you distinguish a black from a white thread?)
Yep. That's why so many people missed the totality of the lunar eclipse here in California
near 4:00 AM *EARLY TODAY* Ocean 08th, not *LATER TONIGHT* : )