May 31, 2010

May - 03 2010

Show of May 17th was pre empted by Pledge drive. 

Nuclear Oil Leak Fix! (thanks Alan Stahler)

VOIP Internet Telephony specialised  Speed/Reliability test:

What does a Pyramid Scheme look like in operation? Especially on THIS show you know that Too Good to be true is not alone a guide to Mischief as many good things ARE free (but usually not money itself!)
But here is a story of such a Scam. FAmilair? Watch Out in these Troubled Times

Various Windows versions startup sounds  or, Ha, Ha, THIS

Nothing wrong with the beat of the music. Sex Toys that react to the melody, too…

Turbo Encabultors are karaoke without words

Understand Browser FingerPrinting Privacy Issues

Voice Printing Mythologies: CSI identifying people from recording? HMMMM

Coryon Redd, Internet Marketing Guru, In Studio we hope for a brief rundown of latest Trends

 PacMan is now 30 years old! an Interview with "the creator" : )

 Domain names not carefully thought through:

1. 'Who Represents' is where you can find the name of the agent that 
represents any celebrity. Their Web site is:

2. 'Experts Exchange' is a knowledge base where programmers can exchange
advice and views at:

3. Looking for a great pen? Look no further than 'Pen Island.' It can be
found at:

4. Need a therapist? Try 'Therapist Finder' at:

5. Then there's the 'Italian Power Generator' company. Check it out at:

6..'IP computer' software, there's always:

7. And the designers at 'Speed of Art' await you at their wacky Web site:


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Both Paul & Glenn were in the studio and Croyon Redd called in later in the show.

Services such as Vonage, Lingo and (which Paul uses) allow you to use your current hardwired-phone number with VOIP to make/receive calls over the internet. However, it's important to test your internet connection first. The above link takes you to a test especially designed for such phone services. Things it tests include…
latency — the round trip delay — should be better than 50ms
jitter — the rate at which the test numbers change over time and which can affect phone routers.
Don't confuse this with
Satellite internet connections don't generally provide satisfactory VOIP.

The above link helps you identify pyramid schemes.

Startup Windows sounds from Windows 3.1 onward were played as well as Mac sounds. See the above link.

Turbo Encabultors link above is a spoof of jargon usage.

Glenn said he heard that Microsoft will be overhauling their Hotmail email service this summer. One of the changes will be an increase in the size limit of the email. And you'll no longer have to own a Microsoft product to open a document created with such a product. <presumably he meant 'open within your browser'>. In effect, they're trying to make Hotmail more like Gmail.

Paul mentioned for getting your mail on a slow connection or when using a mobile connection like a cell phone.

Paul said a large number of people have had their Yahoo accounts stolen. This was due to specially crafted emails that you view in Yahoo and that give away your credentials and cookies about your account.
– Change your passwords and change them often.
– Stop using Yahoo.
– Get a Gmail account, which will let you import all your stuff from Yahoo or Hotmail.

Rob called to say he has the iPad and wants to keep web sites from recognizing that he's using a mobile device and forcing him to use mobile versions of a web site, for instance,
1) Paul thought that this is happening because the iPad is using the Safari browser. One may have to get Safari to stop identifying itself as Safari for iPad.
2) Javascript may be telling the web site the resolution of the screen. <a resolution typical of a mobile device, so try turning off javascipt>
3) You may want to write a small piece of code called Cascading Style Sheet <CSS>. The idea is that when you double click on this CSS it will launch your browser and reports that you're using different browser, like Netscape <addressing point 1) above>.

Rob went on to report the downside of the iPad.
– There is no Flash player.
– No camera or microphone. He was hoping to be able to use Skype.
– No USB port.

Paul said to look up "spirit for the iPad". This will allow you to hack your iPad, though he doesn't suggest anyone do this. <standard disclaimer applies, use at your own risk>

Terry called to say she wants to find a real cheap laptop for basic use.
– Glenn suggested a netbook at anywhere from $229 to $400. Both guys use a netbook from ASUS called the EEEPC. Glenn's review here.
– A more expensive unit would be a Mac Mini at about $599, and you'll have to add a keyboard & monitor.
– Some places to shop are and
– She said he's heard of the One Laptop Per Child machine at around $150. But Paul said they are somewhat proprietary and are designed for limited purposes.
– Check for Optiplex from Dell for as little as $159. These are used desktop machines with Windows XP.

Coryon Redd <his business is Batteries For Less. His blog here.> called in using a Droid phone. <the audio was quite bad so I missed some of what he had to say. It's likely due to the way he was using the phone and not the quality of the phone itself>
Previous shows on internet marketing with Coryon here.

He talked about creating a business web site. He mentioned using Wordpress, which was also in these shows…Nov 16, 2009 Feb 8, 2010
Know your own business and what competitive advantages you have.

Do keyword research. <keywords are the words people use to search for products>. He recommends Google's keyword tool, search for "google external keyword tool". Use it to find keywords that pertain to your business and you'll find all the different ways people search for your type of business. Use the results to find your competitors and see how they designed their web content.

Paul asked if it's true that the longer you've had your domain <web site name> registered, the better your ranking on Google. Coryon said it is true. He also said that the longer, into the future, you have that registered, the better the ranking, Google 'thinks' you intend to be around for a while.

Coryon has 3 classes coming up sponsored by, go there for more info or call 530-823-4703.

The classes are on the 9th, 16th, & 23rd of June in Auburn, CA.
1st class is introductory.
2nd is on pay-per-click advertising.
3rd is on Google analytics and social media marketing (using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.)

Glenn said the Droid phone is a good alternative to the iPhone for people who don't want to be tied to AT&T. The Droid's operating system called Android is beginning to be used on more and varied devices so there may be more chance of interoperability.

Greg has a Blackberry and he's running an app called Pandora. Every time he's playing a song and changes the volume, it goes to the next song.
– It's suggested to upgrade Pandora. Greg said it already does that automatically.
– Upgrade the Blackberry itself. But he said he's done that.
– Glenn googled "pandora volume key goes to next song" and found which said the Storm 9530 with OS 5.0 doesn't have a dedicated key to go to the next song and that the volume key is used instead. Bottom line, it was designed that way.
  – Given that, he may have to change the key rate to make the keys less sensitive.

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