Jan 11, 2010

Dec - 28 2009


This show will Co Host Glenn with Mikail Graham back in the studio and will be focused on the Mac as Paule will be In the Air over Spokane somewhere coming back from the U.K THERN Decmpressing from not having seem the SUN or warnth in the UK this year at all by visitng Point Montara before returning 'home'

XP Blue Screen Crashes caused by what? Check THIS free Dump File Analyser and see. THANKS to John Button.

Make a movie file from your Windows Web Cam Capture to a Video File"\:
Using Windows Moviemaker Capture:
Start.. Run… moviemk [OK]
File.. Capture…That's All

3G Router to distribute your Cell Networked (3G) Internet Connection wirelessly to your home/office..
MAC, PC or Linux, etc, as it IS Wireless.
Thanks Again, John Button!

RICKROLLING is when you are intentionally or otherwise directed to a website with irrelevant content, typically Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give YOu Up" as it's considered Worst Song Ever : )
(It shoudl have made it to the Other Side's "Music I Love to Hate)
More subversibly, people trick Google into sending you to affilaite-ad laden Banner Farms..

$1000.00 DVMI Digital TV cable anyone?
I buy mine for $3 from Hong Kong on eBay… So, is One Born Every Minute? (Hint: YES!)
Digital is Digital.. CArbon Fiber plug bodies and DNA helical conductors NBG for thsi purpose..!
This stuff is on par with feelgood nostrums or panaceas like "Immune System Boosters" because when asked, you CAN "See" the Difference

Ever wonder why all those cpmmercial radio jingles sound so similar?
It's moatly due to a Texas company, PAMS that done Snothign but since the '50's
Samples Here

Vista / Windows 7 GodMode And Here: