Aug 10, 2009

Jul - 28 2009

Talking about free nationwide telephony using Google Talk Beta:
and its Voicemail Transcription and other Features. Out of Business:
Shows that a clever URL is NOT enough alone for a Business Model anymore,
(In case you wondered: ".IM" is the "Isle of Man" a quasi-independant island between England and Ireland)
More Here: . These are "political entity" domains ("country" is too divisive a term!)
More here on GENERIC domains: like
.COM .NET & .ORG and some fascinating History due to one Jon Postel (R.I.P)

To check who these funky Top Level Domains like "IM" are, just add: "NIC." in front
These are called Domain Hacks, such as the "TV" domain for "Tuvalu", an independant South Pacific country, see operated by Verisign still continues as a service to shorten massive URL AND now allows Customising, IE:

A little Info about Frontrunning Domain Names  (Old News)

"JoeJob" Spamming Floors TWITTER due to political commentary… about Russia/Georgia conflict