Jan 29 2007

Jan - 21 2007

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Disposable Inbox for Spam! http://www.temporaryinbox.com/

It's Illegal to use a lie detector on Skype! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/01/26/skype_lie_detector/

New DSL Points Active!Announce

Got no Cable? Watch NCTV anyway over braodband! http://www.nctv11.com/ (main website is http://nevadacountytv.org/ )

WebCal/Audio etc.. 

What is dvd-blue ray and how does it affect me/us?

 Vista: the new Microsoft Thing. Or Is it just the Old Thing but Worse?

Junk Mail FAQ:
Fuzzy Exploitation of PHP scripts result in a majority of Bots…. Try Using Thunderbird's Junk Mail controls. and consider getting a GMAIL account which more readily traps junk than any other system we know!