Dec 28, 2009

Dec - 14 2009

Paul calls in from Eynsford, Kent, United Kingdom
Using a Broadvoice Voice Over IP virtual Phone System

Analog cell phone systems used to be easily snooped or hacked- now the GSM Digital syste, can be hacked too

Maverick Unpermitted Inventors still exist! Home Brewed Blimp!

Recent FACEBOOK Privacy Policy Changes – Set to Minimum then visit from a 'strange' machine to see the Effects. Example: Paule's FAceBook HEre :

Windows 7 First Tentative Review

3G as it CAN be in the UK– Pay As You Go month to month contracts for about $25 a month

FireFox for Mobile Phones — Except iPhone : ) Project Name: Fennec, a small desert fox.

Explorer.exe Crashes on Right Click of Folders?