Sept 8 2008

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Additional Show Notes

The audio for this show is available here, thank you Paul. The times below are in the form minutes:seconds from the start of the mp3 file.

Conspiracy theories regarding the Trade Center attack abound; see the links above. There's also a link for the Audio Engineers' Convention.

Comments about Google's new browser Chrome.

Chrome might possibly use the add-ons from Mozilla, but it's not clear how to incorporate them into Chrome.

.xpi files are an aggregate of number of objects.

No easy way to manage bookmarks in Chrome; menu bar is sparse; appears to be early in its development.

See more links about Chrome above.

Trend Micro anti-virus update that came out last Friday tends to quarantine some Windows system files causing big problems.

A caller was using 300dpi .tiff files in a Power Point presentation and the computer froze up, but at 72dpi they worked ok. What's the ideal resolution?
Suggestion — don't use .tiff images and there's no need to go higher than 100dpi for presentation, use .gif or .jpg file types. .gif files are lossless.

A caller has a gmail question — how to save mail into folders.
Can't do it, but you can use their color coding scheme instead. You can even use filters so incoming mail that meets certain criteria will be coded a particular color.

A caller is going to England and wants to be prepared for the different electrical standard.
Check your power adapter or power supply label on the equipment you want to use; if it says 110 to 240 you're all set but you'll need a adapter for the wall plug. The difference between 50Hz & 60Hz is usually not an issue except for a clock that has a synchronous motor, it would need the correct frequency to keep the right time.
If your power supply says 110 only, you'll need a converter with a power rating sufficient for the device. If you have a high wattage device like hair dryer, it's best to just buy or borrow one at your destination.
To use your cell phone in England it needs to be unlocked, call your current provider, and then you can buy pre-paid SIM card to get up & running while you shop for a foreign provider.
Wireless is common in England; 3G USB adapters with pay as you go are an option.

A caller mentions that the ATT/Yahoo browser still available & allows multiple simultaneous logins for email (likely because users of that service are allowed multiple email addresses).

32:0 email addresses may not be available (to new users) any more — is used now.

The caller continues by saying gmail doesn't thread mail by subject when people edit the subject line while replying in an old thread (threading depends on the message ID, not the subject line). Gmail only has the threaded view and viewing mail by date order is not an option.

An emailed question is about finding power ratings on laptops. Look on the power adapter not the laptop or go to the manufacturers web site & find the specs page for your product.

A caller can't delete/move icons for "My Documents" & "My Network Places" which appear on the desktop.
By design these can't be deleted but can be hidden from view.
Right click on the desktop, left click properties, click the desktop tab, click customize desktop, and uncheck the icons you don't want to see.

A caller has more detailed tips for the person using .tiff files in a Power Point presentation. There's a tip for getting images out of a Power Point file and other Power Point tips. (Much detail here; please listen to the audio file, I won't transcribe).

The same caller has a Mac question regarding a way to determine if the hard drive is going bad. Info about using the SMART technology.

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