Oct 06 2008

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Notes for the show

 AXIA digital technology, used in studio B at KVMR, uses ethernet to send digitized audio signals.
And Livewire is used to render sound over ethernet between various piece of equipment

Alan Stahler reports there is an asteroid (2008 TC3) that's predicted to hit earth at about 7:46pm over Sudan. It's only a few meters across, so wear sweater and enjoy.

Microsoft moved forward the expiration date for sale & support of Windows XP. At buy.com Paul saw XP for $149 if you buy a 100gig hard drive for $49.

AWS is Amazon Web Services, "cloud computing" for businesses.

When was FAX invented? The telegraph was the original FAX.
British patent to Alexander Bain in 1843.

DSL is coming to various areas near Nevada City; check with att.com.
Also see local DSL providers; nccn.net, spiral.com, omsoft.com fullspectrumia.com
A list of ISP providers & methods of connecting to the net:

It's speculated that the PUC no longer regulates AT&T's long distance rates.
AT&T DSL has been unbundled, you no longer need a phone account to get DSL.
You will pay a premium but it's still cheaper than paying for the phone too.
Virtual FAX is available thru, e.g. myfax.com and efax.com. You can use your current FAX number at these services

Paul uses a physical VOIP unit that can be plugged into a DSL router. Can be used over satellite with some delay.

To stop telemarketers go to donotcall.gov. Your registration there will not expire due to a congressional act in 2007. Political groups, non-profits, & those businesses you've dealt with before are exempt. Otherwise, just ask solicitors & junk mailers to stop; they sometimes will.

When disputing charges it's often a good idea to pay at the point of sale and dispute later.

There is a do not mail list. Be careful not to cash checks you're not expecting. They may be scams or you may be signing a contract that's printed on the back of the check.

For a free credit report freecreditreport.com is not the correct link

A caller asks if Magic Jack, a VOIP unit, is any good.
Yes, it seems to work well with windows XP, Vista & Intel Macs

The last few items were discussed in the 7-28-8 show.

The same caller asks about CAD software to design landscapes on the PC
AutoSketch, an old product, may still be available; freecad.com; Google's Sketch 3D (Sketch-Up)

The same caller wants a PC based DVR setup to record off of cable and make the recordings available to devices in other rooms.
Apple TV; Media Center is unimpressive; Nero 7 nero.com has the ability to capture the data from a media card that's being fed a video signal. There's Toast for the Mac that can get the signal from a Tivo.

The same caller asks about a physical mp3 player that's convenient for a Parkinson patient to use. Listeners are invited to make suggestions.
afb.org, a site for the blind, may have some info. Glenn found this on eBay.

A caller wants to capture Youtube video/audio to a file on the PC.
v4f firefox add-on. Sorry I couldn't find this one, but search for similar add-ons here:

To convert flash video to, for instance, avi, search google for "flv to avi" & use at your own risk (no recommendation given).

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