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Niko called and said she has an XP laptop that runs slow and she gets the warning "DLL application is not initiated" when she tries to turn it off. She has to press the button to turn it off.
– It may not be just one cause and usually a whole set of clean-ups is need.
– First, do a backup so you don't lose your data when you do the clean-up.
– A crude way to backup is to individually drag those data files important to you to a USB flash drive. If you use Outlook, you can use the export feature in that program.
  – There is a page at zen.kvmr.org that lists some free tools for the clean up.
< ccleaner and other utilitites mentioned in these notes.
Another defrag utility mentioned here.
More programs often mentioned on Zentech; look toward the bottom of this.> 

The zapatopi.net stopabductions.com links above talk about alien defense headgear; various tin hat and aluminum headgear to shield yourself from alien <UFO type, not cross boarder type> influence. It's important to make the headgear yourself as the factories have been subverted.

A humorous audio, spoofing the variety of apps for iPhone, was played.

Gracie called and said she has a 5 year old PowerBook and said that the Airport symbol indicates it's on, but it's not connected.
– Try using the wireless communication at a different location. If that works, your wireless router has a transmitting problem.
She says the other computer is working ok, so that's not the problem.
– So then, you may need to find the wireless connection profiles and delete them so you can start fresh.
– On the Mac you can also go to the Application folder -> Utilities folder -> Disk Utilities and click the button "Find & Fix Permissions".

The US military has a project to use biofuels. See the above link.

Are Mac owners loyal only to Mac? A study suggests a vast majority of them also run Windows. See the above link to a Register article.
Sometimes a needed application is available only on one platform. An example is Adobe Audition that KVMR uses; it runs only on the PC. Mac users would have to install Windows or use the Crossover application <it was mentioned on a previous show>.

A caller said he lives outside of town and can receive an EDGE connection on his 2G iPhone. He wants to know if he'll be able to use a 3G iPhone for a tethered connection.
– You should be able to but Apple doesn't want you to.
– There are 3rd party applications to do that and you'll have to jailbreak the iPhone.
– Since Apple & AT&T don't want you to do that, a killbit is occasionally sent to the iPhone to disable those apps.
– You don't need an iPhone to do this. There are USB devices available from Verizon & AT&T that give you a 3G connection.

Paul continued reading stats about Mac users owning PCs.
Mac owners tend to be more affluent. Again, see the above link.

Monday morning blues refers to a burst of heavy usage of communication circuits on Monday. As people return to work, a wave of increased usage travels from the East Coast to the West, following the changes in the time zones. Also, network engineers have to deal with a backlog of problems. All things taken together, networks suffer the most on Monday.

Paul had some problems taking phone calls and took a short break to resolve them.

A caller said he wanted get a laptop and asked if he should get a Mac or a PC.
– It depends a lot on how much money you want to spend. If money is no object, a Mac is recommended.
– On the other end of the scale, if price is the primary concern, you can get a netbook. These are a small-format laptops under 3 pounds with a screen of 10 to 11 inches. Intel has come out with the low power Atom CPU for netbooks. They typically have no CD because that consumes a lot of power. They usually cost less than $300 and have about as much processing capacity as a desktop unit of about 5 years ago. They're adequate for most typical usage but not for video editing or 3D gaming and other similar use.
They are a bit under powered to run the Vista operating system and are the last of the computers that have XP installed.

The caller went on to ask which operating system to get if he were not to get a netbook.
– Jury is still out on Windows 7 as it's not being sold yet, but it is starting to appear on manufactured machines. The impression is that it's what Vista should have been.

Mikail called to say the Apple Store has a refurbished MacBook for $849. It comes with Snow Leopard, the latest operating system.

Paul said he's learned that retailers often have subtle price differences for discontinued products. For Fry's, the price of such products end in .95 instead of .99.

Mikail said, to find the refurb Mac units, go to the Apple Store and look for a blue icon on the bottom left that says "refurbished". <More like the middle of the page & no blue icon>
There are rumors of new iMacs, MacBooks, and MacMinis due out as early as this week.

Paul said there's a new Apple store in the Roseville Galleria.

Paul has an ad for tech support for Etch-a-Sketch. He read some of the humorous questions and answers. Read it for yourself by following the above link.

Dave called to say the iPhone 3G with version 3 of the OS has the tethering built in but AT&T has not enabled the service. He wonders why he should pay even more for this future service when he already is paying for the phone service.
– Since AT&T has the ability to keep you from using the service, that's what they do (until you pay more).
– Use the USB 3G device. <mentioned above>

He also asked how things are done in Europe.
– Their technology is similar. AT&T uses GSM. If you want to buy and use a SIM card in Europe, your phone has to be unlocked.
– In Europe the iPhone is locked in to one provider, Orange, just like it's locked in to AT&T in the US. This is not true for France.
– In Britain you can get a USB 3G device and buy a SIM card on a monthly basis to have a mobile connection.

Josh called to say his mother upgraded to Snow Leopard and lost pictures in iPhoto.
– Use the Spotlight search facility and search for "iphoto" to see if the folder was moved; it should be under "pictures". If it was moved, iPhoto may not find it. When you find the iPhoto folder, double click on it and it should open the pictures in iPhoto.
– Its suggested to do a backup using TimeMachine before trying to locate the lost pictures.

Glenn is not feeling well. If you want to send him a greeting, you can use the email address zen at kvmr dot org

Paul suggested taking periodic breaks from your computing. There is even software to help.

Web sites, like home computers, can be infiltrated. The Apache web server they run on can be subverted if it's not updated. Even high profile web sites are at risk. Malicious code can be attached to the end of a web page and sent to you, as you browse the page, and exploit vulnerabilities in your machine. See the above link for more info.

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