Nov 06 2006

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Election Day Tomorrow! Some non partisan Websites:
Secretary of State List of Props & Candidates
Nevada County Election Site
California Voter
(nice video of Issues there!)
(PS: KVMR is NOT responsible for opinions expressed here!)

Roger Thornburn (Fellow Brit!) of  Gold Country Learning Center , talked with us in studio about training and showed Zen Techers baffled by Paul's more eclectic trivia  those essentials on how you learn your first computer and Internet Access use! He has some great tips and tutorials on the above website and in person- For Example: about what's actually running on your PC.

Dennis Brunenmeyer of the music show Nevada City Limits stopped in to say that his web pages sometimes had frames which showed error messages about "Site Unreachable".
We concluded, as he has some banner blocking software, that these frames were probably being served from a site like one of the Internet's largest advertising agencies serving banner ads and cookies. This is NOT a site that originates spyware but it does extensively track browsing habits and cookie trails. IF the Link above does not work- Well, you machine is blocking that site, maybe causing holes in your pages and frames..

Where does that funny sample text that begins "Lorem Ipsum" come from that you see in font books or in websites that are Under Construction? Yes, it IS Latin, and it may mean something from 2000 years ago! Some background and interesting sources here!

 There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who do not.

AVG Antivirus error message:
"Test cannot be started because it already does not exist"

Windows 98 System Error Message:
"Font Times Roman Not Found:
Use font Times Roman instead?"

My favorite:
Some miscalculation in an older version of Microsoft Excell the spreadsheet causes an Error Message to come up which is JUST an Exclamation Point and an OK button.
That's all.
No explanation. Nothing. Just a pop up exclamation point.
You hit [OK} (as there is nothign ele to hit) and things proceed as before..

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