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Paul's Guestt is Coryon Redd. Glenn is homeward bound and checks in from the Sac airport, later in the show.

Coryon is teaching a class on internet marketing
Nov 18, 6pm to 8:30pm
Sponsored by Sierra Economic Development Corp.
560 Wall Street Suite F
Auburn, CA.

It covers basic internet marketing and how to get your web site found by Google using free or nearly free tools.

The previous show on marketing with Coryon:
notes —
Audio —

The focus of this show is using social networking sites, e.g. and, for marketing. Offering your expertise on such sites helps promote your products & web site.

Google uses sophisticated algorithms to devalue link farming but favor legitimate blogs.

To find a suitable forum in which to participate, google using the keywords for your product and add the word 'forum', e.g. essential oils forum. Then look for those forums with high usage.

Yahoo Site Explorer
Enter the URL to the forum of interest or a competitor's web site to see who links to that site to find other relevant web sites.
2 settings in the pull-down menus are important:
Set "except this domain" to see only links coming from external sites.
Set "including all the pages" to see links to any page in the domain, not just the home page.

Webmaster tools were mentioned in the previous show.

To optimize your web site; google "keyword tool" for a free tool to find out how much people search for different phrases. Then add the relevant keywords to your web page.

Wordtracker, a tool (free trial, then a monthly subscription) looks at the content of well-rated competitor web sites and recommends keywords to use.

Other marketing resources:
Searchengine World; search engine optimizing,,

Glenn at terminal A of the Sac Airport says there are now kiosks to accommodate USB powered devices.

He also mentions trouble updating AVG anitvirus. It's suggested that the AVG company temporarily disabled that to give themselves time to correct problems with false positives involving system files. Also, the update sites themselves are sometimes targets of denile of service attacks.

MicroAV Antivirus 2009 is bogus antivirus virus. It runs a Flash animation that appears to do a virus scan and then warns people that they have an virus just to get them to click on a link which will then compromise their machine. Beware of any attempt to get you to click on a link.

Windows Xp Antivirus 2008 is another one to watch out for; it works the same way. This, and Smitfraud, were mentioned in the Aug 25, 2008 show notes

Spybot Search and Destroy has been updated to 1.6; get it at When there, type in the full name Spybot Search and Destroy and look down past the sponsored links. Same thing for "AVG" or "AVG free". AVG now has built-in spyware detection. Also, see the show notes for Dec 17, 2007 for links to antivirus, antispyware and other useful tools.

Mentioned in the previous show is the book on web site usability "Don't Make Me Think" by Steven Krug. And also the tool Google analytics.

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