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Glenn was in the studio today. Paul was on the road and didn’t get a chance to call in. Glenn spent some time trying to contact Paul so the notes are a little light today.


Glenn thanked those who are part of KVMR. <If you’d like to become a contributing member, you can call the business office at 530-265-9073 or go to kvmr.org>

He also invited listeners to call in with their questions and comments at 530-265-9555 or email the guys at zen at kvmr dot org.

On Tue April 17 at 5:30 to 7:30 Paul will be the key speaker at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Church Street in Grass Valley. “It will be a talk on the current Facebook Cambridge Analytica Gold Country UNA USA”.

Version 11.3 of the Apple IOS operating system has been released. Glenn has already installed it on both his iPhone and iPad, but he’s encountered a problem. On many websites and apps it no longer automatically enters his username and password. He hasn’t yet found a solution and asked listeners to call in if anyone has found the answer.

Marilyn called about changing oil in her 1972 vehicle. She has always used 20-50 oil but has been told that 30 weight would work fine. She wanted to know if it’s ok to mix viscosities.

Glenn was a bit hesitant in his reply but said that if it has “always called for that” (the 20-50), it would probably be best to stick with that. And as for mixing the 2 viscosities, he didn’t think that would be a problem if you do a full oil change — drain the old oil & change the filter.

She also a 2-stroke engine in a piece of garden equipment that uses a gas & oil mixture of 50:1. She found out that the oil was bad but was told that instead of throwing it out, she could use it in her car. Glenn didn’t think that would be smart. It would likely cause a smoky exhaust and the oil might not be good for the gas lines, he said, and suggested she give it to a neighbor with similar equipment. She noted again that the oil went bad, so that would be out of the question.

Dave “Buzz” Barnett, the KVMR engineer, came into the studio to add to the conversation. He too didn’t think it was a good idea to put it in a car and suggested putting it a lawn mower, but not at “full mixture”. For a gallon of lawn mower gas “put a pint of the oil mixed in” and “it will burn up..it will get rid of what you need to get rid of”. He said the lawn mower typically has a 4-cycle engine and it’s more forgiving than putting the stuff in a car. He also concurred with Glenn that she should stick with the 20-50 oil in her car.

Scott called from Southern California. He agreed with Dave. He has kept oil around for a long time and never had it go bad.

He also thought she should stick with the 20-50 oil. The “clearances start open up a bit” as an older vehicle puts on a lot of miles and a higher viscosity oil helps keep the oil pressure up.

Glenn brought up a problem Marilyn was having in the past in trying to open .pdf documents. She had the default set to TWINUI which, he thought, has to do with scanning. He said that to handle such a problem, hover your mouse over the file you’d like to open and right-click on it -> click on ‘Open With’ and you’ll be shown various apps that can open the file. At this point choose the app you want to be the default program that will be used to open that particular file type. In the future, that will be the program that’s launched whenever you double click on the particular file type (.pdf).

Gary called. He has old iPhone 5C and has never upgraded the operating system because he’s heard people complaining about problems they’ve had after upgrading. He wondered if he too would have such problems. Glenn replied…
– Yes, it will make a significant change in how you use the phone”. “Every major update has caused something new or different and in some cases actually caused older things not to work”
– He’ll probably have to upgrade by stepping upward thru the version numbers.
– Looking it up, Glenn read an article from last June saying that IOS 11 update ends support for the iPhone 5 and 5C. They will no longer receive software or security updates.
– Not updating a phone means it could be subject to security issues.
– The most recent update you can get for the 5C is IOS 10.
– If you haven’t had security issues, it might be best just to leave it the way it is.

Gary wanted to know how find what version of the OS he has. Glenn said to go to Setting -> General -> About -> Version. Gary found he has version 9.2.1.

Gary said he’s considering just getting the model SE. It has the same smaller size as the 5C and has all the bell & whistles. It’s still being sold new with technical support and the price is not too bad. Glenn thought that it may be a good way to go. He said to back it <the 5C, I guess> up on your computer using iTunes. Then you “can synch the new phone from iTunes, once you get it started and set up”.

A listener Paul called. He has an old iPod he’d like to donate, maybe to some senior citizen. He first wants to save the music from it to his computer.
– Connect the iPod to the computer. If iTunes doesn’t automatically start, then open it manually. You should then see what’s on the iPod and be able to tell it to “back up the music into iTunes”.
– Glenn thought he should then be able to move the music to other devices by using iTunes, but he wasn’t sure.
– On second thought, Glenn said to hold off and check the show notes in the next couple of days, Paul might have some suggestions. <Check some Apple forums or discussion groups for advice.> Or check back in 2 weeks for a more definitive answer.

Paul wanted to make his donation before some program expires. <Supposedly Glenn mentioned some program earlier in the hour that I didn’t hear — probably in when he read the calendar of events.> Glenn replied that “the collection continues thru Sat April 14” and suggested Paul email the guys (zen at kvmr dot org) to get a quicker answer. More info about the donation program can be found at tuneswork.org. It’s Music And Memory, an organization for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Donation sites are KVMR, Center For The Arts, Clock Tower Records, The Wooden Spoon and in Auburn it’s Cherry Records.

Steve called. He wanted to know the difference between an image and a backup. Trying to keep it simple, Glenn said and ‘image’ “takes a picture of the hard drive and duplicates it”. Typically that will involve another hard drive of the same size. In the past it’s been used to clone a drive so you can put a new drive into your computer, which generally doesn’t work if your operating system is on it.

With a backup you can choose what you want to back up and where. It’s recommended having target drive that’s twice (or more) the size of the drive you’re backing up.

Steve wants to back up a program he’s been using. But Glenn said backing up doesn’t work for programs, they need to be reinstalled. Steve doesn’t have the original disks for the program. So Glenn told him to call the company that created the program and ask how to install it on a new computer. Also, you can do a web search for an older program. You might be able to get it cheaply.

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