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Tor Pack (the link is above) provides a peer-to-peer network with other Tor Pack users. It splits your internet traffic among the other peers <so it doesn't look like it's coming/going to one place> thus providing some anonymity. However it slows down your browsing by about 1/3 for all the routing it does.

The NSA has a premium for anyone who can figure out how to snoop on Skype communications. Skype is anonymized thru a closed-source security protocol <presumably encryption>.
eBay spent a lot of money for Skype but didn't get full possession, it was only a sub-licensing agreement.

Yubanet had an interesting article (see link above) about how people tend to walk in circles when lost and don't have visual cues.

At one time Glenn helped someone whose machine wouldn't boot. This was a case where there was a defective floppy disk in the drive. Removing the disk solved the problem. A similar thing can happen if your machine is set up to first look at the CD drive while booting and the CD has faulty data.

If you have a Mac and you can't eject a CD, hold the (left) mouse button down while booting. That will force an ejection.
On a Mac Mini there is a small hole where you insert a paper clip to force the ejection. The hole is on the right side of the CD slot itself.
Also don't put mini-CDs into a slot loading Mac.

Mikhail called to confirm the tip about holding down the mouse button to eject the CD.
He mentioned sources for info about local music events:
|- Pioneer Magazine
– The Nevada City Advocate newspaper
– Yubanet's calendar page

RSS feeds are mentioned. You can subscribe to a feed and have information about new content (articles, audio, video) pushed out to your reader or to an aggregator, such as Google Reader, on the web.

Mikail uses his iPhone to receive RSS feeds with a program from called RSS Runner.

Mikail asks about a program called MP3 Rocket for the PC, it downloads and plays mp3s. He was helping someone use it but couldn't actually play mp3s that were received outside of this program. <No solution was given, but…>
– Use something less proprietary, like Bittorrent, to get the music and then use a common player like iTunes <or Winamp> to play it.

Mikail also mentions that many PC laptops allow you to hit just one key and switch over to an external monitor. But there doesn't seem to be anything similar on the Mac. That would be handy if the built-in screen stops working.
– If an external monitor is connected when the Mac is started, the Mac MAY try to use both monitors simultaneously. But that may be true only if it's in 'mirror mode'. You may have to reset the PRAM.

PowerPoint has a way of using the built-in monitor of a laptop to present the list of slides while the external monitor displays the slides themselves.

Mikail says there is an app for iPhone to control the program called Keynote on the Mac. Keynote is similar to PowerPoint. Use the word 'keynote' to search for that app at the app store.

Paul talked about the difference between Ad hoc and infrastructure connections.
An ad hoc connection is machine to machine.
An infrastructure connection means all the machines are connected to a common peer point like a gateway.

The disclaimer: views & opinions are those of the show's hosts only.

Glenn asks if it's true that AT&T won't help you find a missing or stolen iPhone unless you subscribe to MobileMe for $99/yr.
– Yes, but it's Apple not AT&T. Mobile Me is an Apple service.

Glenn wonders if the IMEI number is used to disable the phone, can the IMEI number then be cloned and the phone used again.
Mikhail doesn't think so, he hasn't heard of it being done.
Paul says the IMEI number is reported to an international registry when the phone is lost or stolen and it can't then be used on a network. He also says that some people have been able to change the baseband of the phone. That's the software that actually communicates with the cell network.

Mikail says there is a version 3.01 update for the iPhone to patch the security hole in the text messaging (SMS) system. The virus will infect without the user doing anything. One only has to be sent an text message. The virus can attack not only the Phone, but the Blackberry, Android and MS Mobile series. See this article.

He says many of the apps for the iPhone are able to communicate with their creator to pass on data about how it's used. Some people are upset about this so now there is an app called PrivaCy for jailbroken iPhones to turn off that communication. More info about PrivaCy here.
Mikail says the way Apple has things set up, app developers have no contact with people who use the apps.

A caller installed FoxFire 3.52 and wonders if the addon Microsoft Net Framework Assistant should be removed.
– No, it should be safe.

She also asks about the add-on "Clickone Support"
– Since it's grayed out, it's not active anyway.
– Glenn quickly checked it out and found that it's legit add-on, it allows Clickone applications to use the .NET Framework.

Greg called in to say he has a Mac Mini that keeps spitting out the CD.
– Try a different disk, it may be defective. Greg says he's tried that.
– The drive may be defective.
– Try a cleaning disk first.
– Try carefully blowing it out with compressed air.

Jerry called to ask what old operating system he can use in his Titanium Power Book.
– 10.5 Leopard, if it runs over 1GHz. Jerry says it only 664MHz.
– Paul says, in that case the latest version that'll work is 10.4

Bill called to suggest <I think that's what he said> for old version of FireFox and other software.

He also says he's looking for an alternative to Wild Blue and was looking into Verizon's Aircard.

– You can try the Aircard for its 15 day trial period to see if it works for you. It has about the same performance as satellite.

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