May 18, 2009

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Editor's comments delimited by < > (see above link) uses design flaws in javascript to reveal what's in your cache and allows a website to see where you've been on the web. Startpanic is supposed to be a demonstration, not an actual fraud site.

Laptops can typically drive any external display. Results can vary, as some don't support the higher resolutions, which can be true for the netbook class of machines.
Also current displays are tending to the 16:9 (width to height) aspect ratio. Older displays have a 4:3 ratio.
Intel makes the Atom CPU for the netbooks, which is fine for web browsing but is not powerful enough for video games.

Early rechareable batteries were nickel/cadmium type and would become limited in the amount of charge they could hold if you kept topping them off. The above link gives more details.
Warranty for the battery is sometimes different than for the computer itself.
It's best to keep the battery at 80% charge and as cold as possible without freezing.

The battery in the laptop acts like a UPS to prevent loss of data when the power goes out. So it's not necessarily a good idea to keep the battery stored in the refrigerator when you're using power from the wall socket.
The views expressed are those of the speakers only.

A caller has an iMac and feels sick after playing Scrabble for a while.
– Take periodic breaks
– If using a CRT type monitor, try increasing the video refresh rate so the screen won't flicker.
– Try changes the color scheme of the game, if possible.
– Discuss this with your eye doctor.

There is an English survey (see above link) about how the radio spectrum is being used. Some devices, like baby alarms, may be imported from foreign countries and use that part of the spectrum that's also used by Wi-fi. The Wi-fi receivers may not discriminate well enough and experience interference. If you suspect as much, you can try using software from

Glenn reminds people to do their backups.
Be careful when the word "recovery" is used. Doing a recovery may put your computer into the state it was in when you first bought it and you may lose all of your data. Get professional help if you have to when you get the message that your operating isn't working.

On a Mac with at least a 800mHz CPU, get the Leopard operating system (10.5) and use TimeMachine, which comes with it, for your backups.
For both the Mac & PC you can also get the Maxtor OneTouch drive.

A caller wonders if he can use the iPhone with a T-Mobile card <presumably he means the SIM card>
– Yes, but it has to be both unlocked & jailbroken <mentioned in this previous show>.
– Unlocking them may (or not) be illegal. Be aware of this risk. The views expressed are those of the speakers only.
– Used or refurbished iPhones are likely to be unlocked & jailbroken.
– Go to and put "iPhone" in the search window to find other shows that talked about unlocking & jailbreaking..
macpwn & winpwn is software to unlock the iPhone.

A caller asks for pointers on learning to start a business.
– This is the worst time because of so many scams.
– For what ever product you want to promote, look for the opposite of what you believe in to get a broader perspective of what others think.
– Be pragmatic & educate yourself. Be aware of others trying to talk you into something.

A caller keeps hearing a "zapping" sound on her radio.
– There's likely to be a cell phone in the vicinity
– On the front page of KVMR there's a link to info about getting better reception and dealing with interference.

A caller has a Mac (OS9) & external hard drive he uses for back up. He just got a new Macbook and wants to use the same external hard drive for its backups.
– The external drive has to be formatted as HMS+ to be able to use TimeMachine that came with the Macbook.
– If you have to reformat the drive (using OS10) there is a check box which allows it to install drivers so an OS9 machine can use it.

The same caller tried to repair permissions and was told some files could not be repaired.
– There are third party utilities that are more thorough than what came with the Mac OS.
– Use the original OS disks to boot from then try the repair.
– If Apple says don't worry about it, then don't.
– <More about the Mac & disk permissions here.and here>

Thumb drives lying around in a parking lot of a business may have malware on them. A form of social engineering, it plays on a person's tendency to put one into their computer.

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