March 23, 2009: Mac & iPhone Special

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FREE! Radio Apps for the iPhone let you listen to KVMR over 3G and wifi

FREE! APPS for the iPhone!

Setting The iPhone Free from AT&T

Breaking Apple's Grip on the iPhone

AT&T to sell iPhone without contract for $599 and up

Apple’s iPhone 3.0 Preview

How the iPhone 3.0 Will Create a New Mobile Economy

How to Enable 3G Tethering in Your iPhone 3.0 Now

iPhone 3G Tethering Now Working for Someone, Somewhere

iPhone 3.0 OS Reveals New iPhones, iPods and the Mysterious "iProd"

Titanium Software – FREE & Highly Useful Maintenance Apps

gmail contact import for Entourage Users

Entourage Contact CSV Exporter 1.4.3

Crossover – run PC apps on your Mac w/o WIndows

Flip for Mac – Watch Windows Only Movies on your Mac – Telestream is a local company too!

iPhone OS 3.0 Will Turn Your Phone Into a Revolutionary Sex Toy


Glenn & Mikail hosted the show. Thanks to Mikail for the above list, and to Glenn for forwarding it to me.

iPhone 3.0 firmware (see above link) to be available around June for a $5 or $10 upgrade.
– It will allow cut & paste of text in any window. Jailbroken iPhones can already do that with an add-on app. This app allows you to work with secure text and allows multiple items in the cut buffer.
– Allows tethering (see above link) to connect a computer to the internet thru the iPhone & 3G network. Jailbroken phones have an app to do this for $29.95.
– Can take a SIM card from a non-jailbroken phone and put it into a jailbroken phone and use the internet services without paying for the voice plan, you pay only for the data plan. <I hope I got that right>
– AT&T reserves the right to charge you for both plans, if it finds out.
– The 3.0 upgrade will work on all iPhones but the stereo Bluetooth and multimedia messaging (like the picture video messaging) won't work with the first generation iPhone.
– More info about unlocking & jailbreaking from previous show's notes, these notes and the above links.

In the developers code for iPhone 3.0 are references to 4 new products. It remains unclear what they are. Follow the rumors at

The 5-passenger Nano car by Tata Motors of India is mentioned. It's gas driven minimalistic car for about $2000. There's also the .7 liter diesel Smart Car that gets over 100mpg and meets emissions standards but is not allowed to be sold in the US.

Starting this Thursday (3-26-9) AT&T will make non-contract models of the iPhone available in 8gig ($599) & 16gig ($699). These have been available, on Craigslist for example, but you still have to get a contract with AT&T (unless you jailbreak it & use it with T-Mobile). Bottom line is that people who want to use just the WI-FI to save on connection charges will have a difficult time of it.

If you think you'll ever want to jailbreak your iPhone, don't update to 3.0. Apple has found a way to prevent jailbreaking.

Others are copying Apple by starting up app stores. Search for apps, free and pay, at apptism (see the above link).
An app store for jailbroken iPhones called Cydia was mentioned.
<Also see

To reach Mikail Graham, send email to:
tos at kvmr dot org or tosradio at gmail dot com

A caller got a program called Cribbage but, as a result, was switched over to a different default search engine. This happens often and is not especially malicious, they're just trying to get you to use their service because they make money on it (thru advertising, for instance).
– Uninstall it. Then install it again using custom install, if available, and pay attention for a prompt that asks if you want to switch to a different search engine.
– Just make the change in your browser to your preferred search engine.

Safari version 4 has made improvements especially the javascript engine.

Google's Chrome is a lean browser but Glenn has had trouble saving bookmarks.

Titanium Software (see the above link) has free maintenance software for the Mac for both Leopard and Tiger like Onyx and Deeper.
To keep your Mac respond quickly, repair the disk permissions on a weekly basis; in utilities folder look for Disk Utility.

On the new Mac laptops you can use finger gestures, like on the iPhone, to control your screen.

A caller with a 3 year old Mac Book Pro had someone install the Leopard OS for him but he doesn't see a performance improvement.
– Use the Titanium utilities (see above link), Onyx in particular
– Opinions differ on whether to upgrade to Leopard or reformat the hard drive and do a fresh install, but it's recommended to do the latter.

A caller, new to Mac, wants to know how to create mail folders using the default Apple mail program.
– Mikail offered to help the caller off-air as it will take too long.
– Use Thunderbird
– Use Gmail. It uses labels, which work similar to folders.

A caller uses Entourage and wants to export the address book and use them in another mail program.
– Use the Entourage export (see above links) feature to create .rge file then convert to a CSV file which can then be imported to many mail programs.
– Again, Gmail is recommended because it is available on the net from any location & computer.

A caller warns that Gmail has privacy issues, Google can read your mail. Mikail points out that the same is true of other mail services.
Encrypt sensitive mail.

Crossover (see above link) for the Mac uses Wine technology to run windows programs without windows installed. But it's only for Intel Macs

To play avi video or windows media video on a Mac there is:

flip4mac (see above link) by Telestream; free version available.

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