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Amazon Kindle reading device! 


Play Other Region DVDs.
WARNING: All is at your Own Risk!

most domestic DVD players can be disarmed
so they will play legitimate DVDs that come from other regions
by setting the player  Region Code to "0".

The USA is "Region 1" but Europe is "Region 2"  etv,
so disks will not play out of region.
technical blurb you can ignore is here 

and how to actually do it is here:

Note this is nothing to do with cracking the disk
copy protection either… It is for playing the disk outside the region it was sold in
which is normally barred with  message:
"Wrong Region"

Legitimate DVDs from the USA and play them in the UK
and vice versa.

a quirk in law says that it is forbidden to resell DVDs in for example the UK that were made in the USA as they have not been through the British Board of Film Ratings,

BUT you CAN buy them abroad AND you can even unlock the players like
this. Gray Area: Can you sell unlocked players? Who Knows?

Now to watch those nice BBC DVDs I got for Christmas
in the UK here in the USA their original form!

 Glenn has the Blackberry Curve pda & phone. It has a QWERTY keyboard
Palm Centro is its competitor

A caller has problem connecting his LG cell phone with his Toyota Prius using Bluetooth.
A firmware update from Verizon is suggested by dialing *228.
Bluetooth sometimes has trouble connecting to more than one device at a time.

For posting pictures to the web or emailing them you may need to resize or change resolution. The following software can help you do that.
microsoft image resizer from the Powertoys package for Windows XP:
You can also use…
Paint Shop Pro is now a Corel product but earlier free versions can be found.
I got mine here:
Learn more about Paint Shop at these sites:
resize2mail does the resizing online, no software to download.

For capturing video from the web (like from YouTube) to a local file
"video saver" for Firefox. If it isn't this, then I dunno, sorry.

Finding files by size. View directory statistics:

Using .rar compression & other compression schemes (.zip; .rar; cdrom images).
To learn more about .rar files:
After you install izarc, right click on the file you want to uncompress, then click on izarc. It can concatenate very long files as it uncompresses.

Episodes of old tv shows are at this AOL site. But it may currently be having problems, as a caller experienced.

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