Local Internet Providers (ISPs)

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ISP: It’s up to you to decide which of these businesses best suit your needs- We are mentioning these businesses as they have been in operation for some time, SOME  have local staff and support in our county which is Nevada County, California. You can get ‘local’ access from businesses out of the area too.
Please notify us of any changes and additions to this list! In No Particular Order:

Local Providers (Nevada County, CA, USA)
Full Spectrum Internet Access http://www.fullspectrumia.com
Spiral Internet, Nevada City http://www.spiralinternet.com
“Canopy” terrestrial wireless http://www.smarterbroadband.com
Roseville/Yuba City: http://succeed.net/fixed-wireless-coverage/

Out of Town (corporate) Broad Band
ATT DSL & Uverse  http://www.att.net/dsl
Some areas are served with “AT&T Uverse” rather than conventional DSL which is technically ADSL2 capable of higher speeds and for example, Video On Demand.
The equipment is NOT interchangeable, and the sevice is NOT usually a choice- you get one or the other depending on your location!

Originally the “Cable TV” people- very high speeds attainable, costs for any speed are also high. Deals for bundling with TV & Phone, but you CAN get “Internet Only” over the Cable-
Often there are introductory 6 monthly or yearly deals, but watch your bills CLOSELY as you can be billed for a leased modem you actually bought and other sly nonsense.

Satellite Internet
Hughes Satellite Internet & WildBlue! See: http://www.hughtower.com approaches DSL speeds BUT has ‘latency’issues which is: the Delay due to the speed of electromagnetic radiations as you communicate with a satellite over the equator 22,000 miles away! One also requires a clear view of the sky to the south in the correct direction.
One should see such a system in operation before settling on it as this ‘delays’ can initially be off putting, though download speeds are fine and upload speeds are acceptable. Used where other high speed means are not readily available. NOTE there is usually a Contract of over a year, and no way of knowing for sure when DSL will reach your area! NOT ideal for things like FaceTime & SKYPE due to delays. Tolerable for NetFlix but watch ‘bandwidth caps’

Equipment is about $300.00 and monthly about $60.00

CELL/Mobile Access
Internet delivered over the cell phone network more nornally used for vocie and text communictions
FIOS from Verizon: See Here: http://fios.verizon.com/fios-internet.html

TETHER your AT&T or Verizon 3G/4G/ Phone to realy its Internet to your computer, tablet etc. NOT all Palns and Hardware can do this. Google your Gear!
The cell phone service can deliver up to 1-2 MBps in our area, using services often known by acronyms and names like “Cellular Broadband”. Typically, one does NOT use one’s cell phone, but rather a proprietary “WWAN” (Wireless Wide Area Network) that all require a proprietary card of type PCMCIA/PCCARD (OBSOLETE) or more recently, USB.
Best choice is a “MIFI” unit that picks up Cell Data & relays it via. WIFI from a rechargeable stand-alone small box.
Thistypically works most places you could get cell reception, including your home, and most places nationally, but not all! : )

In major urban areas the service may approach DSL speeds and this technology MAY be extended to areas like ours (rural!) in the future.
Cost: About $60 a month. This is know to be available from Verizon, AT&T, SPRINT and probably others.
There is little or no latency (transmission delay) which one would experience with satellite solutions.


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