Dec 31 2007

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A summing up of what's happened in 2007.
Netscape Officially Dead as of Feb 01 2008!

 Plasma TV versus LCD: Lee Osborbe 

Paul has made the audio of the show available here
The approximate times are from the beginning of the mp3 and are in decimal minutes.

2.5 min
HDTV; plasma vs. LCD
Plasma may be on the way out.

4.83 min
Caller's question about installing a modem in a Mac G5 tower.
Suggestion to use a USB modem.

10.42 min
More info on plasma tv's.
Some disadvantages: burn-in, weight, possibly life span

13.5 min
Caller has 6 year old PC with Win2000, should he upgrade?
Dell still has some PC's with WinXP:
Businesses are advised to have second machine before the 1st one fails.

20.5 min
More on plasma vs. LCD displays.
There may (or not) be a difference in the off-angle viewing.
Plasma may have more glare than LCD.
See the above link for a comparison of the two.

24 min
Digital tv switch over is coming Feb 2009:
Digital does not imply high definition.
More on plasma vs. LCD displays.

29.25 min
Credit to the people, behind the scenes, who make the Zentech program happen.

34.26 min
Support for Netscape has ceased.
See the above link.
A little about its history & its ties to AOL.
Does the AOL software have problems with Vista?

36.76 min
Caller concerned about damaged hard drive.
Tips on recovering data from it.
Some credit card companies may double the warranty.

39.9 min
Caller wants to use a modem with a laptop.
Glenn's Diamond Supra Shotgun modem can combine 2 phone lines to increase thru-put
USB modem suggested over a serial modem

42.56 min
Glenn's ASUS mini-laptop & others can be used with a large external display.
Caller claims the latest version of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) has a great display.

46.25 min
Trick with pulling off the Polaroid film from a watch or LCD display.
It can then only be read wearing Polaroid glasses.

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