June 15 2009

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Much of the show was a pitch for memberships as part of pledge drive.
You can pledge at kvmr.org (check out the thank you gifts) or call…
Locally: 265-9555
or 800-355-5865 (800-355-KVMR)

Those using a converter box for their DTV should rescan periodically because stations will be adding channels.

Glenn would like to hear from people who are having problems after the DTV conversion. <email to zen at kvmr dot org>

A caller, whose husband installs converter boxes & antennas, says they've been getting many calls since the DTV transition. She also says some stations start out at low power and go to full power later (like KCRA channel 3), so rescan periodically. And, she says, if people were not getting good UHF reception before the switch they may have even more problems as many stations are going to UHF.

At $99 the Roku box (above link) streams Netflix content. It connects your TV to content at Netflix via the Internet

Get more information about the analog to DTV switch over by following the link above.

Previous Zentech guest, Coryon Redd, is giving new classes about internet marketing. Search the Zentech site for show notes & audio featuring Coryon.
The classes are on:
Thursday June 18 for beginners.
That class is repeated Tue June 23.
On July 16 there's an intermediate class.
All classes are from 6:30pm to 9pm.
The location is 560 Wall Street in Auburn
Or go to sedd.org

Special thank gift for those who pledge today only:
For a membership pledge of $60 — 1 hour of computer tune-up, a performance tweet
For a membership pledge of $150 — 1.5 hour of tune-up and service.

You may also listen to KVMR over the internet here.

You don't have to have a computer to listen to internet radio. There are ethernet-based devices made by Logitech (the Squeeze Box, about $300) and Roku (on sale for $129, usually about $200, see the above link)

A caller has a problem with power jack on the back of her HP laptop. She wants to know if the advice she got, that the mother board needs to be replaced, may be true.
– If the problem is with the part on the computer itself, then probably yes.
– Do back-ups while you can.
– New laptops may cost about as much as the repair of the old machine. Consider getting a new machine.

'Recovery Console' (see the above link) is different from 'Safe Mode' in that Windows is not run at all. It's used, for instance, when the master boot record is damaged. Normally the original CD is required to use it, but follow the link above to learn how to use it without the original CD.

The disclaimer: views & opinions are those of the show's hosts only.

A caller says that, while trying to get a wi-fi connection, 'view available networks' shows a free public wi-fi even when there isn't one.
– It's a bug.
– Got into preferences and delete it — 'view available networks' -> 'advanced settings'.
– While there, delete everything else you're not using.

A caller has an old Mac (eMac) and wants to reinstall the OS. He wants to know the best way to do it.
– If it's faster than 800MHz then install the Leopard OS.
– Since the caller's machine is 800MHz, version 10.4 may be better
– You should be able to get 10.4 on eBay
– Put the CD into the machine, restart and hold down the C key. You'll be prompted and everything is done for you.

The Palm Pre is mentioned. It uses the Sprint network and tethering is not allowed.

A caller with a Mac Power Book GS17 has Panasonic multifunction machine (fax/copier/printer) with a parallel port. How can he use them together.
– There is what's called a Centronics to USB cable to make the connection.
– There are 2 types of the cable. Make sure it's Mac compatible.
– He probably won't be able to scan; only print.
– Consider getting a replacement, but look at the cost of the consumables.

A caller is interested in the Roku unit mentioned above and wants to know if it can be used with an Aircard.
– It won't circumvent a bandwidth cap imposed by your provider, unlike a DSL or a cable connection.
– Use Netflix DVD's.
– Check out movies from your library.

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