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TODAY Show 26 July 2010

Oh, look what I found while poking around on kvmr.org. It's the audio to recent Zentech shows. Looks like the web masters have been doing some work. Kudos to you, VERY COOL! And if you want to explore other programs, start, as I did, on the schedule page.

Nevada County Board's videos and audio archive


India: $10 PC's?
ALSO: iPhone JailBreaking now OK?!

some 5% of the wolrd's population now onm FAcebook!

iPhone Antenna Song..

Hard Drive backup AND Online….

SIMM Micro Card Cutter…

Eerie Ad for Face Recognition software – Thanks Alan Stahler.


Coryon Redd Internet Marketing Segment

Understanding your competitors on the web is an important step in improving your website – and your business. Regardless of your business or organization, there are likely to be other websites similar to yours.

Whether it is competitor businesses selling the same products or information sites that share your expertise or market, you can find out how the "website down the street" is selling itself.

Learn from the good websites (and the bad ones). Be inspired to create good website content and avoid the mistakes of crappy websites. Don't ever violate copyrights but you can figure out how your information can be presented in the best, most persuasive way. Pay attention to taglines, page layout, useful tools, calls to action, SEO and copywriting. Remember, your website is your digital salesperson. Once when a visitor comes to your website make it easy for them to become a customer.

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Paul said Facebook has a statistics page about people using that service. See the above link.

Paul played a song (sent by Mikail) about the problem Apple has had with the iPhone antenna. He also said that if you hold any phone in not quite the right way, you can block some of the antenna signal.
– If you don't like it, don't by it (the iPhone).
– If you already bought it, take it back.
– Get the free bumper to solve the problem.
– An update to the firmware is expected to mitigate the issue, but all it may do is boost the out-going signal and put an extra drain on the battery. So, the bumper may ultimately be a better solution.

Coryon Redd president of Batteries For Less was introduced.
To find previous show with Coryon Redd search for "redd" at the Zentech webpage.
He has been working with Sierra Economic Development Corporation to provide marketing classes to businesses, both for-profit and non-profit.
His advice for today is to research your online competition; see how they present their information on the web. Use their ideas to promote your website.
He suggested you develop a keyword list. These words are what people type into search engines to find the product/service they want.
Do a search using the most searched-for words regarding your business to find your competition. In Coryon case, he would search for "cell phone" and "batteries". See how they present themselves and present your site even better.

Paul mentioned 419eater.com which is about counter scammers. The scammers use marketing resources mentioned in these broadcasts to customize and personalize their fraudulent appeals for your money.

Coryon mentioned Yahoo Site Explorer. It's a tool to find "what links are going into a website". <Which sites have links to a particular web page, as I understand it>

Paul said he's not impressed with Microsoft's Bing search engine. It was only on the second page of the results that he found the download link to Microsoft's own Internet Explorer 8.

Coryon said Google had recently began using Caffeine. It takes into account how quickly your website responds <to clicks>.
Google said that websites with slower response times may get penalized with lower search results <I think he meant lower ranking in the search results>.
The free Web Master Tools will give you some indication of how a website responds. It gives additional info such as which pages have broken links or produce errors, what links are coming to your site, history of your ranking on keywords, etc.
<Coryon mentioned some of these tools on previous shows, in particular those on: 5-4-9, 8-11-8, 11-3-8>

Youtube is doing music recognition on what people upload. If your content has copyrighted music, you can expect a notification from them. But it may still be ok because Youtube may run an ad in conjunction with the video in order to sell that music.
Youtube is starting to do speech recognition too, and to present closed captioning to movies.

Richard called to ask how to keep the pictures on his website from being copied <stolen>.
– You can't. You can use Javascript to make it more difficult, but one can look at the Javascript to determine the ultimate location of the picture.
– You can put a waterprint <watermark, I guess> in the picture to help protect it.
– You can put, in text, the name of your website right into the picture, and thus promote your website.
– You can require people to become members of your website, free of course, before they view the pictures. <Presumably to avoid an automated program from stealing the pic>
– You can just display a low quality image, making it less desirable to steal.

Vicky called. She's an organic arborist and when she uses those 2 words as search terms, she gets just one site listed several times. She wants to know "how to get past that".
– Coryon said a well-promoted website will try to get themselves into many directories or listings which serve, in this example, arborist or organic yard care, etc.
– In this case, Coryon recommended taking the URL that's common to all these search results and using Yahoo Site Explorer or spyfu.com. Spyfu is a paid tool with a free trial that gives a lot of info about a website like where they get their links, the effectiveness of the keywords they use, etc. Again, use that info to do something similar to promote your own site.

Coryon invited listeners to write to him with marketing questions not addressed on air:

Coryon is holding classes on internet marketing:
There's a beginner class on Wed Aug 4 6pm. Go to sedcorp.biz to register.
The classes have a fee but there is a sponsorship or scholarship available for businesses with 9 or fewer people (including non-profits), in which case the fee is waived.
There's an intermediate class focused on pay-per-click advertising & link building; on Aug 9.
Classes are held at the One Stop computer center in Grassvalley.
A 2nd intermediate class is on Aug 25. This one is focused on social media marketing & Google Analytics.
Another beginner class is on Aug 16.
Visit the Sedcorp site or call 530-823-4703.

You can view/listen to a clip of the proceedings of a local government in Nevada County. See the above link.

The iPad & the latest iPhone use micro SIM cards and there's now a tool to trim SIM & mini SIM cards to the smaller micro SIM size.
Also, there are SIM card cloners available for about $10 so you don't have to do the procedure on the original card. Follow the above link for more info.

Gaylon called with Firefox problem. It's having trouble "recovering windows and tabs". He noted someone's claim that the Flash player caused their problem and he too removed the Flash plugin. As a result, his problem went away. He wanted to know how to reinstall Flash.
– Go to adobe.com and the plugins are listed on that page where it says "get Adobe Flash Player".
– If you have the same problem again, then uninstall & reinstall Firefox.

Mikail called to say the Library of Congress has ruled that jailbreakng the iPhone is ok. The ruling also included the unlocking of cell phones and the breaking of DVD copy protection. See the above link.

Paul mentioned the $10 computer from India. <actually it's $35 and link above is broken, try this one>

Joe called and said he heard a news story claiming that nearly all older iPhones are worth nothing. He noted, in fact, that the iPhones hold their value very well.

Caller Jorge said he set up his laptop to stream out video and then tried to do the same with his cell phone. However, he got the message that the username is already taken.
– Log out of the laptop application first.
– Don't try to create a new account with the cell phone but rather reuse the same login you use on the laptop.

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