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Free monitor rotation software! IROTATE

Minimizing Sheepy Methane

Apple Time CApsule Warranty Externded

Pay month to month for Mobile 3G Broadband from VirginMobileUSA.Com as little as $10 a month, up to $60 for 5GB per 30 days
$79 for hardware, EASY automaed setup with NO CD involved.

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Paul was in the studio and Glenn called in via Google Voice

Paul recommended that people still using CRT computer monitors trade them in for flat-screen monitors. 22" or 23" monitors can be found at buy.com for as little as $179. They can cut down power consumption by as much as 2/3.

Old CRT monitors had a width to height ratio of 4:3. Modern flat-screen monitors are 16:9. There are times when it's more desirable to have a monitor taller than it is wide. Modern LCD monitors have 4 mounting screws on the back which can allow turning them sideways although the stand may not accommodate it, but you can purchase stands that will work.

All you'll then need is the video driver software that will rotate the image 90 degrees. Some, but not most, computers come with the software to do that — find the setting by going to the "control panel" -> "appearance and themes" -> "display" -> "settings" (tab) -> "advanced". There, you may find a tab for your graphics card with special settings. Intel graphics chips are more likely than others to have the rotation setting. Otherwise you can use the free software called IROTATE; follow the above link.

Spices from curry can cut emissions from flatulent sheep. See the above link.

Glenn said Microsoft will stop supporting XP with Service Pack 2 by issuing updates. Support will end on July 13 (tomorrow).
  – Updating to Service Pack 3 will mean support will continue into 2014.
– It's a big download and he thought it might be available on a CD from Microsoft. Or, if you don't have a high-speed connection, go to a friend's house or your library where a high-speed connection is available.
– <You can also upgrade to Windows 7, but check if your computer meets the hardware requirements>
– For more info go to the Microsoft page here:
– Microsoft recommends using Windows Update to do the update because it's a smaller download, but you can also get the full (316meg) update off that page or directly here:

Windows XP SP2 updates end July 13 — but don't panic:
Enough with the Windows XP security 'red alert' nonsense
What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported?
Windows XP SP2 users face end of IE patches
Microsoft to end support for Windows 2000, XP SP2 July 13

Paul thought Windows 7 is better than Vista but cosmetically ugly.

The 'funny' song "Cow Fart Tax" from the CD "The Church of Climatology" was played. Jimmi Accardi provided the CD.
<satirizing Al Gore, cap-n-trade, etc., or, maybe by its silliness, satirizing the climate change deniers.>

The disclaimer: views & opinions are those of the show's hosts only.

Craig called, He has a large videotape collection of about 2,000 tapes (about 10,000 hours of video). He thought it might require about 25 terabytes of storage.
– First get them in to the computer.
– Determine how are you going to watch them on the computer.
– Get the capture and encoding software to put them on DVDs.
– 2.5 to 3 hours of video generates about 4.2 gig on a single sided DVD.
– Do a little at a time — 5 to 10 tapes.
– DVDs can be recorded is several different modes. Tapes that have been recorded at a slow rate (lower quality) can be transferred to DVD at a lower quality. You can get about 4 hours on a DVD at the lower quality.
– There's a stand-alone box made just for this project, but Paul couldn't remember the product's name. Using it you can by-pass the computer entirely.

Craig thought he might like to just have the video stored on a server rather than burning DVDs.
– For storage, Paul said he's aware of a media server by Netgear <I guess he was thinking about the EVA9000>at about $299.
– Look up mythtv, <similar topic on this show> it can both capture the video and serve it up. It takes work to get it running, so it's mainly for hackers, though some companies sell complete mythtv systems.

Paul realized he misheard Craig and the larger figure of 10,000 hours may require a device called a virtual array whose storage can be increased 1 terabyte at a time.
– Paul then suggested doing more with the compression rather than throwing more hardware at the problem.
– Experiment using different amounts of compression to find an acceptable quality level.

Ben called to say he has a computer he's using as a media server and he wants the output to go to his TV rather than the computer monitor. He knows he can get a VGA-to-component video adapter. But is a simple cable good enough? His TV has 2 HDMI inputs but they're both being used. It has no VGA or DVI inputs.
– Get a converter to take the VGA output from the computer and provide component output to the TV.
– Weather he needs a converter with a scaler depends on the native resolution of the TV,
– CRT displays can be driven at different rates but the LCD display is more picky. "You're trying to make the video display match the output per dot on the other display", that's what the scaler does, but scalers are expensive. Try a converter without a scaler first to see if the results are acceptable.

Glenn once tried hooking up his laptop to a 36" CRT TV and it looked really bad. Paul said it's because the TV's resolution is actually lower than a proper computer monitor.

Glenn mentioned that he's calling in using Google Voice, which was mentioned on last week's show. Sign up for free and save on your long distance calling; you have nothing to lose but a little time

Apple has extended its warranty on an early version of the Time Capsule hard drive-equipped wireless router, which was released between Feb & June 2008. See the above link. You can get more info here.

Christine called with a mouse problem; it's the new Apple Magic Mouse. She had a problem while doing a software update for her friend, so she did the update again. Now there's an extra mouse cursor showing up on the screen.
– Updates are best done using the Apple logo auto-update. It's good at handling partial or incomplete updates.
– Install the entire, rather than incremental, OS update and then reboot. She said she already did that but the problem persists.
– Test the batteries.
– Be careful where the Bluetooth mouse is being used. Be sure the top of your desk, the drawer below it and the contents of the drawer don't have metal <that can interfere with the Bluetooth signal>.
– Someone else may have Mac <with a Bluetooth mouse> and you're looking at their cursor.
– Try a using a regular wired mouse to see if the problem goes away.
– Try taking the Mac & mouse to a different part of the house.
– Since this is a new Mac, exercise your warranty.

Bob called and said he recently moved to Rough And Ready and wondered how he can find out if AT&T offers high-speed internet service in that area and what other options he has.
– Go to att.com, then to the internet services area and enter your phone number or address. You'll be told if high-speed is available to you.
Virgin Mobile USA is just now offering Broadband To Go. It involves buying a dongle (a USB device containing all the needed software) and paying incrementally by the month or even 10 days at a time — no long-term contract. Try the lowest rate to see if it works in your area.
– There's also smarterbroadband.com and digitalpath.net.

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