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Paul & Glenn were in the studio and had Reinette Senum as their guest. Reinette is a former mayor of Nevada City.

Remember, two more  Zentech shows this month: Jan. 23rd & 30th

Reinette appealed to the techie community to resolve a mystery. A video had been put up on Vimeo a month ago called Sandy Hook Elementary School Tribute: referring to the recent mass shooting there. The video, which has now been removed, was put up before the shooting occurred, according to the time stamp. Vimeo said it's possible for a time stamp to be altered but with difficulty.

People researching this found that the person who uploaded the video (Joseph Ametrano) <> also tweeted about it at the same time, on Dec. 12 and the time stamps apparently agree with that of the video. Searching for the Sandy Hook shooting with the date restricted between Oct. 1 & Dec. 13 has turned up a bunch of websites referring to the shooting. The shooting occurred on Dec. 14. Given that the time stamp of the Vimeo upload can be altered, the big mystery, Reinette said, is that the date on the tweets also predates the event.

– Glenn suggested that it might be an inside job: someone at Twitter changed the date of the tweets.
– Paul asked listeners to do a search for the words: sandy hook fund raiser. He asked people to note any reports of the shooting that predate the actual event. You can send your results to zen at kvmr dot org. Remember to set the search criteria to dates before Dec. 14 and allow a 24hr leeway because of the various timezones around the world.
– Reinette wondered if Google is returning search results with the wrong time on them.

Paul noted that Google has been subverted before by a process called rickrolling. This is where some searches were diverted to Rick Astley 's website. Glenn noted that AVG anti-virus works in conjunction with the Firefox & Internet Explorer browsers to warn users when search results point to nefarious sites. Paul said Google by itself will warn users of such sites.

A caller pointed out that there were discrepancies in the news reports about the Sandy Hook shooting (and the Aurora shooting as well). There were discrepancies in the location of the guns.

Paul said that maybe 95% of people using a search engine don't use the advanced features like setting the date a range one is interested in. It can be handy when, for instance, you're searching for football results from the past.

Bob called. He said veteranstoday.com is also a source of information about the Sandy Hook shooting. He also suggested that the predated info may have been a deliberate "psychological operation". He said in 2011, during the World Trade Center attack, he remembered a video of a British commentator saying that Building 7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did, and in the background was a picture of Building 7 still standing.

Genea called to say there is a way to backdate a post on Facebook. But Paul said the order of its appearance in the timeline doesn't change: posts appear in the order they are created. <I may have spelled her name wrong. It's Gen.a.uh, long 'a' followed by a short 'a'>.

Paul noted that this year is first year in a number of years where all the digits are different.

Talking about the collapse of Building 7 again, it was noted that the British newscaster was in a different timezone, and that may account for the discrepancy.

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Paul learned a new word: pseudo-skepticism. It's not to be used in opposition to pseudo-science: use real skepticism for that.

Don called. He worked for a company that used an electronic sign-in sign-out board. An employee there would change the clock before a punch in/out to hide the fact he was late or left early. Don thought that the Sandy Hook video might have been produced on a computer whose clock was altered.
– Some cameras put a time stamp on a video and some programs like Picasa will show that time. But…
– Reinette said that was looked into and only the time of the actual upload was investigated.

Lee called. His feeling is that someone found a way to alter the date of the Sandy Hook video

Reinette said a woman named Gilbert complained that a picture of her daughter was used along with the claim that she was one of the <Sandy Hook> victims. It took some investigating to confirm what Gilbert said. Reinette said she doesn't just brush aside such claims and tries to delve into all of them.

Some time ago, Paul had a mouse that wouldn't work in a particular area of his desk. He had trouble deducing the cause until he found that this cheap optical mouse leaked light into its sensor when it got near his desk lamp.

Reinette backtracked to say that the woman whose daughter's photo was misused is Cathy Gaubert and that there's not been a resolution to the problem.

Bonnie Lee called. She's the one who called before about the discrepancy in the reporting of gun locations. She wanted to know if Reinette has a blog.
– No blog, but she has a Facebook page where she's posting some info about her Sandy Hook investigation. <I think this is it here>

A caller did a recreation of the Twilight Zone intro that Rod Sterling did before each show. Paul said he's found a bunch of Twilight Zone videos from the early 60's on Youtube. The caller went on to say he's found some video on Youtube by Joseph Ametrano that documents what was on Vimeo (and has since been removed). The Youtube video is called tatoott1009reloaded. <Also check out this page>

On the next show; Paul expects to talk about the Android tablet he bought a few weeks ago. And Glenn wants to discuss the hacking of an iMac.

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