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Show notes for 1-12-9 

About 25% of the iPhones are jailbroken.
Unlock means using another plan by plugging in a SIM card, GSM only (T-Mobile but not Verizon).
Jailbreak is a hack that allows you to use software other than that from Apple.

Up until recently you had to use Wi-Fi to get your iTunes music on the iPhone. Now you can get it thru the 3G connection. But if you unlocked the phone,
AT&T can charge you the full service rate you would have paid for your plan if you hadn't hacked the phone. And the cell phone network is aware of the type of phone you're using by the IMEI number. This is mentioned in the last show.

You don't have to get your iPhone from AT&T and sign up for the 2 year contract. iPhones are legally sold elsewhere like Ebay. Unlocking them may (or not) be illegal. Be aware of this risk. The views expressed are those of the speakers only.

The program Speedfan reports on the stats of your computer (PC) like the temperature of the fan.

A caller got a new Vista machine and used Outlook Express, but it transferred all his mail from Yahoo and deleted it from the Yahoo server.
– Get rid of Outlook Express by telling it to use a nonexistent address.
– Then you can get the mail back to the Yahoo mailbox by forwarding it.
If you highlight all mail and then forward, those emails will become attachments in a single email, so forward them individually if you want to keep them separate. If you're going to do this, change only the POP address in Outlook to a non-existent address and leave the SMTP set to a valid address. Change the SMTP to an invalid address when you've finished forwarding.

Paul mentions hacking a GPS unit to install IGO8, 8 being the version number. This was mentioned in the previous show. IGO8 can be loaded into anything with a GPS chip & Windows Mobile. If you have Windows Mobile 5 on your phone, it will say so on the back. Each mobile unit requires its own hack .
Again, note the disclaimer given above.

A caller with a Mac G4 has trouble starting up with a new Samsung monitor.
– Do your updates for the Mac.
– Check with Samsung in case others are having the same problem and for any bulletins
– Try resetting the PRAM to the factory default by turning the machine on while holding down all 4 of the keys — command + option + p + r (read below).
– Try a different DVI cable.
In Calif., when you report a problem to a manufacture, be sure to get a ticket number (a number to reference your call) when you're under warranty. You have the right to get a preexisting problem fixed when it goes out of warranty. Also, under Calif. law, your warranty is extended by the amount of time the product spends in the repair shop.

A caller got a new Mac Book that locks up while using Apple Mail.
– Get the latest updates for the Mac.
– Under the hard drive menu, go to applications -> utilities -> disk tools -> fix permissions.
– OSX does its own disk optimization, unlike earlier OS versions.

AppleCare is available at a discount from elsewhere other than Apple.

The same caller says his Photobooth program crashes.
– Use the key combination option + apple + escape. It's like the task manager in Windows and allows you to force an application to quit. But, that doesn't help in this case.
– Suggestions from the listeners are invited.

Mikail calls to respond to the problems of the previous callers:
To the caller with the monitor problem:
– There's a problem with logic board or the cable.
– When doing the PRAM reset with command + option + p + r, hold the keys and wait for the chime.
– Also check with Apple to see if there's been a recall.
To the caller with the Apple Mail & Photobooth problem:
– Tech Tool Pro or Disk Warrior will work with OSX,
– Instead of doing option + apple + escape, one can use the activity monitor application to force a quit of a running program.
– Don't upgrade to version 10.5.6 of the OS just yet, there are all kinds of problems with it.
– Mikail highly recommends AppleCare. It can be bought up to 1 year after the purchase of the Mac.

Mikail asks Paul why use Gmail instead of Thunderbird.
– Thunderbird can synch mail folders even while working in offline mode using IMAP.
– Thunderbird interacts with the hard drive faster than a browser can interact with Gmail.
– Thunderbird gives you better control over your mail folders.
– You can mix POP and IMAP mail accounts. You can drag mail from a POP account to an IMAP account which will make it go back to the IMAP server (e.g. Gmail).
Paul recommends that Mikail use Entourage (on his Mac) in IMAP mode but don't use 'get mail', use 'synchronize mail' instead.
More about IMAP and POP mail from a previous show here.

Mikail suggests that the caller with the Mac Book problem can solve it by reinstalling everything.

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