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Digitize your cassettes and LPs



Phone Troubleshooting – How to verify your regional, long distance carrier or home telephone number
The following numbers are to an automated service and the numbers are toll free.

Identify your Regional Carrier 700-4141
Identify your Long Distance Carrier 700-555-4141
Identify your Telephone Number 511




Jeffrey Hein; linux expert; runs local business, cohosted this show.

Paul mentions a virus that comes from a digital picture frames.
Music stores can possibly transfer a virus to your Ipod if you plug it in at the store to obtain music samples.
Some newer digital cameras can now insure that nobody is blinking and everyone is smiling.
UK is ahead in the number of cell phone networks. Their T-mobile can be used to access the internet via a USB dongle for about $10 or $20 a month of 1gig/month of traffic & 3.5 megabits/sec.

More info about the digital tv switch-over in Feb of 2009 at dtvanswers.com
You can now apply for up to two $40 coupons for a converter box.

A couple of XP shortcuts:
Windowskey + U goes to accessibility screen with the text to speech voice speaking
Windowskey + L locks the computer & waits for you to login again

There are options of connecting to the internet using the cell phone networks using the Edge system at about 128k baud or the GSM system at 9600 baud. AT&T has a USB dongle (at about $79) where you plug in your SIM card. Verizon has a similar service.

sonic.net uses spare channels of UHF TV to connect to the internet.

Go to att.com to check if DSL is available in your area.

Special needs people who'd like to buy a Mac and want to avoid the inherently higher prices of Mac computer should be aware that older Macs can be adequate for web surfing. Check ebay.com & craigslist.com

Keep an eye on your phone bills. Slamming is prevalent and it can be hard to find out what you're being charged for. See the toll-free numbers at the top to get more info about your phone service provider.

You don't need to have long distance carrier. A good option is not have the long distance & just use a calling card. Also, if you make less than $20,000/yr there is the Lifeline service that costs much less.

Alternate long distance provider onesuite.com uses a pin to get access.

Internet Explorer 7 may have trouble running on earlier PC's with only 256k or less RAM. If you uninstall IE7, you will be taken back to IE6. Right click on My Computer & left click on properties to find out how much RAM you have.

jkdefrag is a great "no install" defragmenter includes a screen saver. It reclaims unused space on the hard drive due to adding & deleting files of different sizes over time. Get it at: www.kessels.com/JkDefrag/

It's possible for a Mac to pass on a virus to a PC via mail. Be careful about forwarding unknown mail. For anti-virus info & programs see…

Norton anti-virus for Mac:

search forum.techguy.org for discussions of anti-virus software. Select "Apple Macintosh" on the search list.

You might get a listing like:

And see this particular thread:

Also, clamxav.com has a free anti-virus for the Mac

Anti-virus for XP & other useful programs, see the list at the end of:

Those interested an a foothill Linux advocacy group email to:
zen – at – kvmr – dot – org


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