Oct - 30 2019

PG&E pwoer BACK in Nevada City!

Aug - 23 2019

Show of 28-Aug-2019 – Alexa Skills with a Harmony Remote – Inside a Motherboard Repair Facility and who works there (Louise Rossman) How to make a Good Youtube Video. (above) – iFixit and the Right to Repair & unexpected side effects for NDA & Chipmakers, etc.. Cyberblackmail : Bitcoin & UnGoogleable: “Because you think you […]

Aug - 12 2019

Glen and Paul are On the Road Elsewhere Here is some Entertainment for you while we are gone- Radio Lab Podcast  from 2015 about the DarkNode Ransomware and its Bitcoin Blackmail And then– Do we Need Technology to Climb the mountain K2? Not a Bit of it! the Ever Odd Joe Frank!  

Jul - 31 2019

July-24-2019 Audio Archive for this show is HERE Paule is in Virginia City, NV calling in Glenn is in the Studio!  

Jul - 31 2019

Notes: – I shall be trying to load Podcasts in here>

Jul - 10 2019

Zen Tech GM328 multi tester under $20 Electronic Kit Building Remains!

Jun - 26 2019

Hello! Some Fun THings Today. We love decent Cell Phone Plans: Verizon Visible , and Google FI.. & how we Review some things Amazon RING at some $200 a Bit Pricey–I tried $30-$40 XSHCam. “BangGood.Com” HMM! Airport 7.8.1 Firmware: released a few days ago Older PC? Windows 7? Don’t Want/Cannot Get 10? Try Linux MINT […]

Oct - 08 2014

I missed that Lunar Eclipse!
Tempooral/secular (non-religious) Dates USED to start at Dawn (the beginning of the day) not midnight until 'quite recently'.
Had this been so I and a number of other people may not have confused this!
Older Christian and other religious calenddars notably fixed the start of day as DAWN (light but no sun) and not Sunrise
An effort at standardisation about a hundred years ago counterintuitively fixed Midnight as the cutover from one date to the next date.
No contention then scientifically about exactly how much light counts ad dawn (Can you distinguish a black from a white thread?)
Yep. That's why so many people missed the totality of the lunar eclipse here in California
near 4:00 AM *EARLY TODAY* Ocean 08th, not *LATER TONIGHT* : )

Feb - 27 2013

Notifications of new show notes and edits are tweeted at: twitter.com/ddhart. – They're tagged with #Zentech. – When what's said is unclear to me (or I'm unfamiliar with a topic) I tend to quote (" ") verbatim. Editor's comments are delimited by < > Both Glenn & Paul were in the studio today The guys […]

Oct - 31 2012

HDR (High Dynamic Range) PhotoFilter uses EXIF data to make "Hypereal" images Newer CArs: Read Diagnostic Codes with ELM327 for as little as $15 : ) John McAffee of Antivirus Fame Eccentric Fugitive in Belize…   Additional notes   Notifications of new show notes and edits are tweeted at: twitter.com/ddhart. – They're tagged with #Zentech. […]

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