Apr - 08 2020

Possible Zoom Meeting: [Closed] Chrome/Windows 10 Video/MIC Permissions.. Test em: https://www.onlinemictest.com/webcam-test/ YOur equipment is unlikely to be able to do more thatn one app at a time accessing Camera, MIC. Reset Repeated Advertising for the likes of OhmConnect (Vaporwaring) Amazon Reenlistment Fraud of things like bogus 1TB Flash Drives for $19 Bad Reviews? vendor shuts […]

Mar - 25 2020

“Hello, World!” Glenn and I mean to both call in from Outside (in this County, for a Change!) Also I (Paule) may Broadcast Video over YouTube: (not a Conference) http://www.youtube.com/sirealone  which brings up issues of Audio and Video access to browsers and software in these increasingly security conscious days! NEXTDOOR.COM has been Very Useful, Locally, […]

Mar - 11 2020

Using the MacOS “say” Command for Fun! Memo Recorder for iPhone, etc.. Multiway VideoConf. in times of Covid-19 Wire .v. WIFI Again WHISPER … Does Not.. LEAKED! GNU Linux under Windows 10?! YES! (AKA “WSL”) Tree-Cutting at Banner Mountain! HANDBRAKE… VLC Video Swiss Army Knife Tool

Feb - 12 2020

“Evil Twin” WIFI Stunt Baddy creates wifi “Starbucks FREE WIFI” (where real on is “Starbucks WIFI” DOS to Original.. you connect to the one that “works..” Now you are Theirs! _______________________________________________| SIM Swap Stunt… _________________________________________________ Skimmers…. _______________________________________________________ MAC: Adding external devices to Time Machine esp. on SSDs with limited Space Mus Use MAC Formatted MEdia! […]

Jan - 22 2020

Today’s Show: HRH of Saudi Arabia hacks Bezo’s phone * How to Check the Facts : ) … and not just using snopes.com, good though that is…. (consensus plays a role) How to check Phone Data Overage Charges New Features to turn on to disincline Ransomeware from changing your files Windows 7 Upgrades may be […]

Jan - 03 2020

First show of the New year! Welcome! Have a Happy One! New site CALENDAR to remind us all When we are On! Front and Center: Windows 10 over Windows 7? To Be Or Not to be?! How? Windows 7 “Support” ends mid January 2020  Do Not Panic if Microsoft fills your whole screen with a […]

Oct - 30 2019

PG&E pwoer BACK in Nevada City!

Aug - 23 2019

Show of 28-Aug-2019 – Alexa Skills with a Harmony Remote – Inside a Motherboard Repair Facility and who works there (Louise Rossman) How to make a Good Youtube Video. (above) – iFixit and the Right to Repair & unexpected side effects for NDA & Chipmakers, etc.. Cyberblackmail : Bitcoin & UnGoogleable: “Because you think you […]

Aug - 12 2019

Glen and Paul are On the Road Elsewhere Here is some Entertainment for you while we are gone- Radio Lab Podcast  from 2015 about the DarkNode Ransomware and its Bitcoin Blackmail And then– Do we Need Technology to Climb the mountain K2? Not a Bit of it! the Ever Odd Joe Frank!  

Jul - 31 2019

July-24-2019 Audio Archive for this show is HERE Paule is in Virginia City, NV calling in Glenn is in the Studio!  

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