Aug 28 2006

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NOT in the Show! 

New Webshots free screensaver homa page (BETA)

In the SHow! 

Dell & Apple batteries RECALL due to overheating, flaring up!!
If you have a DELL laptop

Paul found this neat site that shows you
flight plans for all sorts of airoplanes around the USA & CAnada 


Iapdesk from staples: 

Spam Proxy Server for Windows! Very Effective (advanced Users)

Quantum Hard Drive IDE fix:
Some of these drives are in older iMacs etc- If they fail, you may be able to switch out the attached circuitboard from a workign drive. only 4 screws and no soldering.
Not so easy with other manufactureres.

http://www.BitComet.Com Susan K. sent us this P2P Win Client.. Download Nothing Bad- Becasue you are also an Uploader- That's how it works.

Google Searches: try these words:
dumb Oedipus
'miserable failure'
Either because it's true or:
Maybe both. 

Use this Utility to explore what's eating resources on your Windows PC
Needs no installation. Just Unpach k n Run it!

NetSol $77 payback! If you domain lapses and someone else then buys it. Network Solutions give you some of the proceeds.

eBay Work From Home scam. More Notes To Follow

FUN Website earned $1m for this college bound student!

Final Note: Women's Alternative Technology.
Tampon Alternative from the UK. What will they think of next!  

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