Aug 15 2006 8-10PM, Tuesday: THE OTHER SIDE Special:

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Special Show Other Side with Alan Stahler, KVMR's science correspondant and Paul Castro, Zen Tech computer show co host.
KVMR being a radio station, we will travel the sound spectrum of our universe starting with tonight's special principally with earth sounds in its four principle mediums:
fluid, gas, solid and plasma. That is, oceans,  atmosphere, the Earth itself  and the surrounding space.

Some of these sounds must be converted so that we will hear 'renderings' of otherwise imperceptible things, such as extremely low frequency glacier-quakes or electrical signals produced by far distant thunderstorms called whistlers.


Earthquake Noise
Mt Erebus, Antarctica

US Geological Survey reaserch recordings:

 Music Combod with Storms: (Relaxation, etc!)

Creative Commons (free) Sound FX library


NOAA Sub Marine noise & some unexplained phenomena

Whale Sounds, various species, sped up.. 

Underwater Earthquke- Like thuinder- With whales!


Integration with musical compositions:
Lecture w/Examples:

Aeolian Harp Natural Sounds:

Tibetan Horns:

FreeSound Human Voice Samples: TUVA, ETC 

Sounds of Space: Slar ShockWave, Etc..


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