Aug 11 2008

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Additional notes for today's show

As mentioned above, the audio for this show is available in the archive. 

Co-host is Coryon Redd of, email address: coryon at
He is teaching a class on web site design aimed to get a high listing on Google.
To be held on Wed 7pm to 9:30pm at Sierra College (Grass Valley campus) room L101.
To register for the class call 530-274-8455. You can register by Wed at 5pm
Sponsored by the Nevada County Economic Resource Council, 530-274-8455
Keep checking back as there may be more classes if interest continues.

Find out where to recycle batteries in your local area.

Free resources for the web designer…
Wordtracker on Google to find the best keywords to use on your web site.
How to use Wordtracker here.
Use social sites (Facebook or Myspace) to spread the word about your business. shows what, on a web page, a search engine crawler sees.
To find out who links to you, how many links are there to you, etc:
Google Analytics helps you determine who's coming to your site; what they
searched for to get there, etc.

Use Google Local Business Center to find out how to customize the way your business search results are displayed in a Google search.
Google Alerts is an electronic news clipping service to keep track of trends in your business sector. Go to, create an alert & link it to your Google account.

On some email systems (e.g. one can use a period, to the left of @ sign; in the email.

Steven Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" book is recommended to those who want to design a web site.

Service pack 3 for XP may cause problems for some people.
See show notes for May 19 2008 for links.

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