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Telephony thru Google was discussed. See the link above. It's still under test. You have to apply for an invitation at that address. Be sure to pick a local number.
You can configure it with an out-going message. And when people call that number, you can have any phone or combination of phones will ring at the same time.
Google Voice can send a fairly accurate transcription, of voice messages left at that number, to your email.
The transcription service does seem to censor some profanity.

Google Wave is a service that tries to merge email, instant messaging, texting, voice mail and video messaging. It's supported by ads whose content may be determined by the content of your communications.
And beware, this is the sort of thing the NSA might take advantage of for eavesdropping.

Glenn uses Google Voice to call any phone number and then have the phone, at his current location, be called to complete the connection.
Paul's Google Voice number is 362-8052, which is local to Nevada City.
When he calls that number and hits *, he can enter his PIN number and then he can the originate calls using that number.
It does not port numbers, though that's coming.
Porting a number is where you tell a phone provider, other than the one you normally use that number with, to use that number on your behalf with their service (in this case, Google Voice).
More about Google Voice from their blog here.

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Since you want to pick a local number for Google Voice, dial 0 and ask the operator if a number is local to you or go here to look it up on the net.
There's also a table near the beginning of the white pages that shows local numbers.

Britain has a service called TalkTalk where you pay a flat monthly rate and call anywhere in that country and not contend with local and long distance. KVMR has ported its fax number to My Fax so faxes now arrive as .pdf files.

When you port a number, be sure that number doesn't have some other service you use, like DSL.

Google Voice can be made to block calls; in which case it says "this number is out of service"
With Google Voice you can also block unidentified calls.
There are 2 types of caller ID situations:
1) The caller ID is not provided like with foreign calls where that information is not part of the call.
2) The caller has blocked their number from being revealed.
You can configure Google Voice to respond differently in each case. If the number ID is blocked, you can have it ask the caller their name and then tell you who's calling.

Generic top level domains were talked about. See the link near the top of this page. They are different from political domains often associated with countries, like .im, which refers to the Isle of Man. See the link about above. To find out more about these domains put nic. in front of the letters — e.g.

For companies that want to sell their product in a foreign country it's suggested to…
1) Register for a web address in that country like for a Brazilian domain. Go to to find out how to do that.
2) Translate your pages to the language of that country. Apache server has an easy way of making pages come up in the language of the visitor. If you name a page for example, if it's being seen with a Brazilian language browser, it will come up in their language.

The best place on the net to learn about a country is

To shorten a really long URL go to Now the service allows you to personalize the short link you are given. See the kvmr895 example above.

Wikipedia pays just under $9000 for their bandwidth.

Twitter has recently been hit with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack because of a Georgian national who was saying some unfriendly things about Russia. Twitter blocked that user to alleviate the attack. See the above link about "joejob".

Carylon called to say the British have a service called Freephone that allows their users to call the US for free.
Skype is another option for free phone calls.

Verisign was engaged in a con known as frontrunning where they preregister a domain name and then try to get a customer to pay more by claiming the name was already registered. See the above link for more info.
Facebook has also been doing something along those lines, drumming up business by encouraging people to sign up with them before certain names are taken.

Caller says she heard of a search engine that doesn't compile information about what people are searching for. She didn't have further info.
Paul says there is some software that distributes your click request thru different servers, but didn't name it.
Also you can use a proxy server (anonymizer website) that takes your search request and makes it look like it came from them, not you. But do you trust the anonymizer?.

A caller asked about Omsoft's phone number.

Another caller asked if Omsoft is the company mentioned that protects your privacy.
– It's the customer records that are protected.

He also asked for a recommendation in buying his 1st computer.
– For someone just starting out, Apple is recommended.

And he wants to catalog a music collection. So he wants to know what software, which was mentioned before, that will supply all information about a track.
iTunes can do that. It can also rip your CDs and help digitize vinyl records.
Winamp does something similar, but it's for the PC not Mac.

Then he asks if he'll be able to do "anything PC" with the Mac.
– The biggest sticking point is that the Mac will not run Internet Explorer 7 which is needed in some limited situations — some realtors need it. But you can get the Codeweaver;s Crossover software to do that. It was mentioned in the previous show's notes.
– You can also run something like Parallels that lets you run Windows. But then you'll be subject to Window's vulnerabilities.

A caller just moved to an area where there's no high speed internet. He's tried an AT&T Aircard but the connection is slow.
Smarter Broadband is recommended.
Hughsnet providing satellite internet, is another option. They used to be affiliated with Direct TV. You'll pay $60 to $80 per month typically. The uplink is directly to the satellite, not thru the phone line. But there is a slight delay because of the distance to the satellite, so VOIP may be less than satisfactory.
– Before the warranty on the Aircard is up, experiment with different antennas and such.

Peaches called. She has a Dell Latitude D820 and wants to know how to connect it to a stereo & TV with HDMI.
– Determine which connector the computer & TV have in common.
– The TV likely has a VGA port so try using a VGA cable (the connection normally used for the computer monitor). You'll also need cable for the sound, likely involving 3.5mm connectors.
<See the notes from the 7-13-9 show for more about this topic including the EVA 9000 media server by Netgear> 

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