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5th Thursday ZenTech!
Today’s Word:! Photoplethysmogram
“Down the Rabbit Hole” of Useful Functions in Science

Security Certificates quit… TODAY!

Software Review of PROCREATE for iPhone & iPad  & the fact it uses the .ART Top Level Domain!
Artistic software for the IOS!

So::! IOS 15!
Erratum: Last show I said latest IOS was “13”. I was thinking of the iPhone- I meant “IOS 15”
So! iPhone 13 Can Be Used For Opthalmology!
Also- the Apple Watch can be used in cardiology Tellingly,
the device does report: “Apple never checks for heart attacks”

Mea Culpa: Cathy called from Auburn saying she used FireFox on an MAC and “DuckDuckGO” anonymizing search-engine
Forgot to mention- you can choose DuckDuckGO the so called Anonymizing Website with ANY browser, not just Firefox.
This is from CNET How to switch home page  from other programs like Chrome, Safari, Etc>


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