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Full hr recording w/Intro:

John McAfee, 75, Antivirus Luminary  Found Dead in Spanish prison..

Windows 11 to be released Next Week. Yawn!
Windows 10 Support ends…2025. So much for “This is the Last Version”

What’s with all the ads on web pages for “Work For FEMA!”
See: UsaJobs.Gov
What’s the Scam given ALL federal jobs have to go Via. that Site??

So ! More Info on those bloody Car Warranty Calls..
They ARE ‘Real’ in some ways- they ARE selling “Something”
Such as:  a $1 tootsie roll, for $1500.00
(Else it would be wire fraud) instead its just a massive and misrepresented ripoff
PS: Violating donotcall.gov is a separate fraud.

What’s a Split/Ductless Air Conditioner..? I put one in! how Cool!

A Little About Humidity, Temperature, Comfort, Wind Chill

Windows has decided you MUST have a Weather Widget.
To Disable– apparently- RIGHT click on it,
“News and Interests”, Hide.
I have turned off Location Awareness everywhere I can in Windows yet this Widget
knows my geographic location, probably even when hidden.
Hard to Uninstall

Vaccine QR Code and how that works. Don’t call it a Passport; Call is a Visa : )
How it’s Easy to make QR codes but hard to fake their use for this purpose
.. Because it points into a .gov Site. I Think.

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