Mar - 31 2021

Today! Astroturfing : “the deceptive practice of presenting an orchestrated marketing or public relations campaign in the guise of unsolicited comments from members of the public” Look Up: “Best Web Hosting” or, better: “Largest USA Site Hosting” Long Contracts? Proprietary Stuff? I don’t think so! is a blend of astroturfing and unmoderated postings. WISH.COM […]


Mar - 24 2021

Live Show! : _) SF Dictionary: Cody Stark Twitter Account: NEW version of Audacity– 3 up from 2. Can read OLD projects but OLD cannot read NEW projects as they are all in ONE file Thanks, Buzz! Non Fungible TOkens?? Changes in Chrome- Outline Input Fields! Looks Oddd!??!


Mar - 10 2021

THANKS ‘Buzz’ Barnett for Zooming this Show Microsoft Hack– We learn 6 weeks after they did : ). Who Else?.. Marilyn: “Low versus High value targets” HDMI= High Definition Media Interface– (Intel Intellectual Property) How to Capture and Use that (Game Streaming, Etc) Nope, you cannot stick your HDMI camera or game output into the […]