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Does your clock say noon or 1PM as we go on the air?
Did things change okay to Spring Forward in Time for you on March 11th?
It's not over today yet. The last Sunday in March, the more usual date,
your equipment may yet and Incorrectly spring forward due to old settings..
Java, Windows, Linux, Mac and possibly electric washing machines could be affected..!
for Windows
or perhaps APPLE's MACs and even PALM/TREO or WINDOWS MOBILE  

Thanks, Mikail for these Links!
USB Power Over Air- Save WallWarts?! And some manufacturers already doing this:



Equipment Recalls: These links tell you how to check your serial numbers and what to do.
WARNING: small print may describe some cost if you are out of a 'window of acceptable return'.
Most are due to liability concerns by manufacturers about their products changing roles from being a source of power to becoming a pyrotechnic or a doorstop.
In many cases you are still okay to return things if they have quit working.
Please check for yourself and do not take my comments as any authority on this!

Apple iBook and other portables: Logic Board: Video Problem Recall:

Apple Battery Recall Program,

Dell Laptop Battery Recall:

Dell Power Supply Recall (4 million units!)

What's "Web 2.0?" and do we care? Reviled or revered, Here It Is!
See Here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2

We enjoy Scott's Newsletter . Thanks Alice & Others for turning us onto this guy! (Link is to current month's letter with extensive Daylight Saving info)

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